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Real Ghost Stories

I get email from people all across the country telling me their experiences with ghosts. So I've collected their stories here for everyone to read. I've kept their names private, but the ghost stories here are exactly as I received them. Got a true ghost story you would like to share? Let us Know!

Camp Don Lee

While visiting the camp with my school, we had heard whispers of help and saw a female dripping wet in the middle of the words wearing a white gown. Now, at first I figured I was seeing stuff, but not only I saw it, but so did two of my friends and the 15 boys in the cabin across from ours. I, being the insane one, attempted to approach the figure. I got a foot within the figure and she disappeared. I was scared. I fell backwards onto the ground, screaming. I am 14 years old. And I will never forget her face.

Speaking ill of the dead's spouse

My husband and I purchased our first home. It had been built in 1972 and we moved in July 4th weekend 2004. We had learned through the previous owner a little bit about the history of the home. He was divorced and had purchased the house as an investment but also as a place where his boys could have their own rooms. He confessed that he hadn't made any changes to the home since he moved in three years before. We had an opportunity to chat with him during the closing on the house and he had said the home was owned by a widow that had two teenage children.

The little boy next door

I lived next store to a little boy named Jimmy, I used to call him little helper because he was a really helpful little boy :) He was only 12 years old when we was kidnapped by a man dressed in black. I tried to stop him but he had a gun. I was scared to death. I ran into the house and called 911. It took them fifteen minutes to get to my house but by the time they get there the man was already gone. It was 2 years later when I finally found Jimmy. He wasn't up to helping me anymore so I just did the work around myself.

the woods of fate

you know how nature should be one of the most wonderfulest places to go when your feeling down and out and not really carring and you need a break well i visited a place in the woods one day i was really down that my friend past on my brother and i was walking in sorrow we both was sad that our friend past in the night as we was walking we noticed smoke our intention was to walk over there to see if it was a fire as we got close we heared chanting and feet moving we bent down behind a tree watching a old man dance we waitied and waitied for him to go to the rest room and let us flee it was 9:0

The Glowing Eyes

It all started when we moved in to this gloryous mansion. The outside of the house was amazing, But when i walked in the beauty was mind blowing. There were statues, paintings, and frilly stair railings, I had it all. I started unpacking. By the time i was finished packing it was 11:00pm. so i headed off to bed. Half way up the stairs something or someone tried to push me down. I was so startled that i stumbled and almost fell. Soon i caught my balance. i finished walking up my steps thinking "maybe the air just turned on and it startled me". I got to my room.