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The Ghost Hound of Goshen

On Buncombe Road between the Ebenezer Church in Newberry County and Goshen Hill in Union County in South Carolina, there lurks a strange beast. Know as "The Ghost Hound of Goshen", it has been witnessed by many reputable people. Some say it's the dog of a peddler falsely accused of murder and hanged. Whatever the case, the dog is known to chase those who trespass in its territory. But don't worry, it's never caught anyone... That we know of...

Some say the ghost hound was, in life, the pet of a peddler making his way across the area in the early 1850's. Unfortunately for the man, a murder occurred while he was passing through and was the scapegoat. After a sham of a trial, the man was hanged. His faithful dog stayed by his grave until either starvation or stones thrown by the townsfolk (depending on which story you hear) ended it's life. It was after this that "The Hound of Goshen" was seen.

The earliest sighting of the Goshen Hound happened in 1855. William Hardy sent a young slave to the home of Dr. George Douglass to bring the doctor back to look at a sick man. When the boy arrived at the home of the doctor, he was terrified of something. After a while the doctor had calmed the young slave enough to hear his story. It seems the boy was riding on a mule headed for the doc's, when he heard an awful noise coming from behind him. He described what he saw as the biggest, whitest dog he'd ever seen.

Immediately, the boy dug his heels in the sides of the mule to hurry the animal along. As they ran for all they were worth, the dog got in front of the mule, causing it to rear up almost throwing the boy off. The boy then said the dog just stared at him. It never left the boys trail until he had turned into Dr. Douglass' yard. Dismissing the boy's story, Dr. Douglass told the boy to go home only to have the child plead and beg to stay with the doctor for the night.

Years later, Dr. Jim Coefield saw the the animal. Try as he might, he was never able to give a rational answer for what he'd seen. Dr. Coefield even had a dog of his own who would walk along side his master until they got to the Ebenezer cemetery. Then, the dog would whine and disappear into the woods until the good Doctor had passed the ghost dog's territory. Only then would he rejoin Coefield on the road.

In 1936, Berry Sanders was making the trip home when he came face to face with the ghost hound. Over a mile from the safety of home, Sanders ran the entire way, screaming. Only when he made it to the door did the animal turn and head back into the woods.

In the 1970's an elderly woman was said to have had an encounter with the dog when it came into her yard, grew in size and leaped towards her. The woman fainted. When she awoke, the dog was no where to be found.

The latest sighting is said to have happened in 1998, but I could not find any information on that account.

So if you travel Buncombe Road between Ebenezer Church and Goshen Hill, keep and eye towards the woods. For the Hound Of Goshen still watches and waits. Ever ready to chase anyone from its territory.


Location Not Correct!!

Ebenezer Church is/was not on Old Buncombe Rd. The church memorial and the cemetery are off of Maybinton Rd. Its on Brazelmans Bridge Rd.

thank you for that correction

Thanks for correcting that cause old buncome road is off of 176. I live in Maybinton close to the cementary. So I heard about it from my childhood up. Berry Sanders, the one you read about in the essay up there is my uncle. The one who claim he saw the ghost, and was screaming all the way homme lol. Yep we sanders sure can run.

Ghost Hound

I went out there with a few friends several years ago, and even if you don't run into the ghost hound this is the kind of place that will scare the bejeebus out of you at night. Honestly, I can't remember directions to the place (plus it was very dark so I couldn't see any decent landmarks). While we didn't actually see the dog itself, we DID hear the noises.... Very creepy.

Hound Of Goshen

I am from Union SC and we have all grown up hearing about the hound. Here are some things you got wrong 1. the hound is black with red shining eyes and 2. Seeing the hound is an omen of death,meaning if you see it someone in your family dies. The story above is ALL WRONG. And I totally agree with is the creepiest scaries place you can imagine. It's an old ghost town now.

Never talk

You are an idiot. You have no idea what you are talking about. Quit repeating erroneous "urban legends" that get passed around Union in an attempt to correct an established legend that that has existed for decades. Black with red shining eyes? Really? I didn't realize Stephen King wrote this story.

hound dogger

i live in union to my grandpa and I went we got out of the car and the doors lock and started to roll away so scary.

If you read about the dog in

If you read about the dog in the "Annals of Newberry" by Juanita Hitt which is the earliest recorded record of the ghost dog, it states Mr. Saunders as saying he had seen it biggest whitest dog with red eyes...I am 63 yrs old and was raised with the tale...Also Nancy and Bruce Ryan wrote about it now "Ghost of the Carolinas". Read your history!!

There are many stange things

There are many stange things that happen...Call it ghost or whatever, but there is something strange in the area. When I used to go Ebenezer Church was still standing. There was an old piano that would play a little by itself., Like a child were playing g it. Supposedly the dog leaps thru the Douglas plots, not over but thru. Also it been reported that you can see Dr. Maybin kneeling at his grave just above Dr. Douglass. One knight a bunch of my friend and I went to the ruins of Dr. Douglas house, the Oaks" and my husband and I were telling about the Ghost Dog and a brick flew over my shoulder. Noone was there! Many tales to tell!

I night, we rode by the Brick

I night, we rode by the Brick Methodist Church and there was a child sitting inside the open doors with her feet dangling in the Pew. It was 2:15 in the morning! Also when I went to The Oaks which is where the Ghost Dog disappears, the 3 story mansion was still standing. It was fabulous! There was a grand piano in the living room. Also, even though the house was fairly open there was drops of water and heat in the fireplace that was hot to the touch. One time my husband brought some friends to scare one of them. They to the 3rd floor and put their bed roles against the far wall of the bedroom. Then they put their flashlights above their heads. All slept well. They packed up and went to go to the car and Ed said "where is my flashlight? They went back and no flashlight was ever found. How did they get up there without a flash light?? He learned his lesson about scare ing people!!!

Hell hound

You know that sounds like the hell hound I've heard of. It has all the description but usually they are found in grave yards. Though that story is very creepy.

hound of goshen

I live in goshen hill. have heard all the stories but never seen anything. and yes this area gives u the bejeebies at nite.

ghost dog

There were people my age that lived in chosen hill use to tell me about the happy dog. There use to be a Church on the left before get to seek well church.

Investigater Ghost

Maybe we oughta call the ghost of Mr. Sherlock Holmes to investigate, my friends...

Hound indeed

I was walking out of the woods off of old buncombe rd one evening and heard a trample behind me as if a dog was about to jump on me. I turned and about had a heart attack as it leapt at me for the kill and disappeared. My friend in front of me thought I was trippin, but called me later that night to tell me the legend of "The Hound of Goshen".My mind had already sent the feeling of pain to my forearm, which I used to block the bite. It was so fast and so awesomely creepy. This was roughly 3 weeks ago. However, it was not white. Black with dark redish yellow eyes.

ghost dog

Well dog or no dog, I've been through this area and you don't need the dog; this area is spookier than anything I've ever experienced. This is my opinion. Don't really care if you believe me or not, You couldn't pay me to go down that road at night.

Goshen Hill

I went to the old graveyard where the dog was said to roam when i was a teenager in the mid to late seventies. We stayed there in the cemetary for a while in the dark waiting and watching. Scared me big time but i never saw anything. We drove to the old Doctors mansion, which was still standing. Very spooky, but still, now ghost dog. My grandmother who grew up in the area, always said that area was hainted. She painted a large oil painting of the old house which hangs in my parents home in florida. It looks very spooky. W jennings

Picture of the old mansion

I have a painted picture of the old mansion if anyone wants to see it. I took a picture of the painting and have a jpeg of it. Wish i could upload it.

Was your grandmother Bertha

Was your grandmother Bertha Jennings?? She painted me and my husband one of those as well!A truly gifted lady!!! John Hawkins was my husband and he live near her on old Barrel Stave Rd in Clinton.

Was your grandmother Bertha

Was your grandmother Bertha Jennings?? She painted me and my husband one of those as well!A truly gifted lady!!! John Hawkins was my husband and he live near her on old Barrel Stave Rd in Clinton.

Family traditions..

My family has lived in that area since the early seventies. It is a creepy area at night especially since cry baby bridge is right there too. And it is off of maybinton rd. A lot of people mix that up with old buncombe rd. There's a old family cemetery on the whitmire end of old buncombe but not much else. Makes for a good ride on halloween!

The Hound

There are so many stories of this creature.....I have been there over at least 100 or more times use to have to travel it late nights.......and actually saw something which appeared to be like an dog with red eyes only appeared for 4 seconds or least .....the time I saw it I was with a good friend ...and nearly a year later his grandfather passed away.....many things have been said but I only know and believe what I saw with my own eyes....The area is very beautiful at day...the graveyard is like a time capsule once you step in it....but at night's one of the most scariest places in the world.


can someone give the real address im going there on halloween to see him. going to watch out for clowns though.


omgah I'm doing an search on this and why so many stories if u wasn't there back than shut up

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