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The Ghosts of Abbotts Creek

During the days of the Revolutionary War, the famed British military commander Lord Cornwallis was chasing the American General Nathanial Greene across North Carolina. In order to catch his elusive prey, Lord Cornwallis ordered that all expendable supplies be burned in an attempt to lighten their load and make their movements faster. Only salt, medicine, silver and gold, and ammunition survived.

When Cornwallis learned that General Greene was camped not far away across Abbott's Creek. He made a daring move. He ordered that the barrels of gold and silver be rolled into the creek until they captured the American forces and squashed the revolution at which point they would return to collect the King's treasure.

At least that was the plan. Cornwallis was captured eight months later and we all know how the war ended. What most people don't know, is that the treasure is still there. But before you would be treasure hunters start for the creek, let me tell you of the guards of the King's treasure.

Almost as soon as Cornwallis left the area tales of ghostly visits began to travel around the creeks residents. Most say the ghosts appear as orbs floating up and down the water and floating into the forest where the redcoats crossed that night.

The locals tell of headless ghosts appearing beside someone walking along the banks of the creek. In one story a man and his horse were walking near the area where the treasure was rolled into the water. Suddenly, something jumped on the animal behind the rider. Terrified, the man and his animal took off running. When they had left the area, the apparition vanished it's job of keeping the treasure safe complete.

The ghosts guarding the gold and silver are not the only ones in the area. During the Revolutionary War before the treasure was resting at the bottom of the creek, an encounter took place near the existing bridge. A man on horseback came upon a man who would not move nor identify himself. Taking issue with this, the man on horseback swung a hammer and the man... and it passed right through him. The stranger then flashed a sinister grin and horrific stare before vanishing.

Of the countless ghost stories of Abbott's Creek, a large part of them belong to the possum hunters in the area. well trained and experienced hounds have been stricken with so much fear that they refuse to leave the sight of their owners. One night, a hunter came across what he thought was a huge possum. Upon climbing the tree to shake the animal out, the hunter came face to face with something that was NOT a possum. No one knows what it was as the hunter will not speak about it to anyone.

So go after the treasure if you must, just know you'll have to get by the guards of Lord Cornwallis and the other spirits of Abbotts Creek.

Happy Hunting!



You are completely right. It was the revolutionary war. Thanks for the sharp eyes. This is fixed.


Where is this place located, and is it far from Ft Bragg?


it is on highway 64 approx 1 mile outside of lexington n.c

I am interested in your

I am interested in your source for this story. Is it written anywhere? You refer to other ghost stories about Abbotts Creek. Would you post them, or references to them. My family lived on Abbotts Creek at the time of the Revolution and operated a mill and tavern there.

Abbotts Creek is in Davidson County, NC. Part of it is not under High Rock Lake, near the Yadkin River. The armies crossed the Yadkin at Trading Ford, which is about where i-85 crosses the Yadkin River today.

I have heard about this story

I have heard about this story since I was a little boy, my great grandfather used to tell of it. It is also recorded in the book the dutch settlement on Abbots Creek

Cornwallis Gold

What I read was that Cornwallis never crossed the Yadkin River. Abbotts Creek is on the east side of the Yadkin. Heavy spring rains caused the Yadkin to be fast flowing, swollen and deep. Greene sent men ahead and got every boat and anything that floated so his troops could get across leaving nothing for Cornwallis to use! Cornwallis could not cross there so he burned everything non essential and raced his troops north on the west side of the Yadkin. He crossed the Yadkin at Shallow Ford near Winston-Salem. When Cornwallis retreated he came no where close to Lexington. Cornwallis was never on Abbotts Creek in Lexington.

Cornwallis Gold

Gold was recovered years ago, by what is now a well know family in Lexington,NC

Abbott's Creek

To BARRY.. My family(JACOB HAMM)lived there,too. During the Rev.War; wish I knew more about the area then. Son Andrew came to
New Brunswick,Canada in 1783 after the War.Want to hear from anyone named or related to those HAMMs.

Abbotts creek

I have lived on abbotts creek all my life. Look in your history books. Nobody knows the real story. He was being chased by green after a batltle he stopped he lowered the gold over a very high clift Water had cut a Large hole in the bank he then used gun powder to blow up the clift. The gold is there but it's going to take a lot of work to get it out.

Family at Abbotts Creek

Do you know anything about the Wier/Wire family from Abbotts Creek? Adam, Jacob, Barnet all lived there from the late 1700s.

The Ghosts of Abbotts Creek

I thought this tale was delightful and is great to be passed down for those in the area and those who have family from the area. My daughter and her cousins have a little history club named from the 1st letter of each of their names called K-B.A.S.H. They get together with their favorite adult, me, and visit places in the area that strike their interest. I can't wait to relay this story to them and include it in our next adventure. We are planning a trip to the Old English Cemetery in Salisbury where some of Cornwallis' men are laid to rest and will have to follow up with a visit to Abbotts Creek to search for the gold. Even if we come up empty handed for gold what a day we will treasure spending the adventure together. If possible would anyone have a location so I can take them to see it, get out and walk around. We like to walk in the footsteps of history and I think they would love this. Thanks!

Cornwallis treasure

This is very interesting. I believe it could be very dangerous especially to inexperienced treasure hunters. Isn't it better to so more research before venturing out there? Times have changed since 1789.

Cornwallis Treasure

I would just like to remind everyone who goes looking for Cornwallis Gold to make sure you ask the property owner before you decide to go treasure hunting. I am tired of people who think it is okay to trespass on my property because they want to see ghost or find treasure. Just because there is a legend out does not make my land open to the public.

Abbotts Creek

I am a Paranormal Investigator out of Goldsboro, NC We had done an investigation at Abbotts Creek and have come up with nothing at all.

Hamm of Abbotts Creek > Jacob & sons

Jacob's son, Andreas (Andrew) came here to New Brunswick, Canada, in 1783. Please, isn't there someone related to this family who will add something to my family records? I'd love to be in touch with "a long-lost cousin". Thanks.

Cornwallis treasure

If the treasure of Cornwallis is resting at the bottom of Abbotts Creek all of these years and the story of apparitions is true then why weren't there more expeditions organized to go into that area and investigate these claims?

Abbotts Creek

My father's parents lived there whole life in Davidson County very close to Abbotts Creek. Very interesting to hear these stories. They were also members of Abbotts Creek Baptist Church.
Names were: Stewart,Teague,Banks,Beeson

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