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The Weeping Arch of New Bern

The history of Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, NC goes back to the year of 1800. During the yellow fever epidemic that ravaged the town, the cemetery for The Christ Church could no longer hold the bodies of the dead, so a new cemetery was built on Queen Street. Then, in 1854 an arch was erected along with a wall encircling the graveyard. That's when the creepy stuff began.

What makes the arch unique is that it's made from a locally quarried stone called 'shell stone' which is made up of sea shells and the fossilized remains of sea creatures. What makes it creepy is that it weeps on people(Or bleeds on them depending on who you talk to). The liquid seen ranges from a clear water tinted with a rust color to a deep red sticky substance again.

The legend goes that during a funeral procession into the cemetery, if one of the pallbearers is hit with a drop of liquid from the arch, they will be the next of the group to die and be carried in. Adding to the creep-factor is the old timers who can give examples of this occurring including names and dates.

The arch doesn't just weep on people during funerals either. Almost anytime, whether it has rained recently or not, the drips can be seen hitting the ground, or felt when the hit the body. What ever the color, it it said that the liquid never stains clothes and washes right out.

One of the origins of the weeping comes from the history of New Bern, where a governor named Spaight was killed in a duel with a man named Stanly. While killed according to the rules of the duel, it is said that the arch drips to the rhythm of "Avenge Spaight's blood" dripping three drops and then a pause before dripping three more drops.

The photos below were taken during a trip to New Bern in October of 2009 for the annual Halloween ghost walk. While walking under the arch, I have to admit I was excited to feel a drop hit my hand. Only to discover that it was a 'fake' drop set up by the organizers of the walk by attaching an IV bag to the arch.


NOT so haunted Cedar Grove

Hi everyone. My name is Michael, I'm an experienced paranormal researcher with over 15 years experience, with the last 3-5 of which have been in field work. Ive lived in New Bern NC for a little over 4 years now and have investigated the cemetery no less then 5-6 times in the last year. The cemetery is a very beautiful place, very peaceful and very old. When I first moved here and first laid eyes on Cedar Grove , I knew I had to "check it out". I'm very sorry to report though that as of this time Ive not found any evidence what-so-ever of this location being "haunted" , let alone "one of the most haunted spots in NC". This post is in no way meant to discredit this site,author or personal experiences of others, just to simply post my findings over the course of 5-6 investigations at this location in a 1 year span. While I have NO OFFICIAL stand due to lack of evidence, my 'official-unofficial' stand is that Cedar Grove Cemetery is NOT haunted. This view is subject to change if tangible evidence of paranormal activity is found, which I will be happy to share any findings. My last investigation took place on 4-10-10 between 11pm and roughly 12:30 am giving me approximately 4.5 hours of recorded evidence and 75+ still photos to analyze . Equipment used were RCA DVR with Olympus zoom-mic, KII meter, Sony 1080 HD camcorder with super night shot and Sima 20IR infrared illuminator, Sony "Xray" Hi8 camcorder with super nightshot w/ Sima zoom-mic and Sima 20IR infrared illuminator, Sony 12.1 mega-pixel Cyber-shot digital camera and a Canon 7.1 mega-pixel PowerShot SD1000 camera. At no time during ANY of the investigations were there any personal experiences, evidence collected on any media including video and audio. Ive found through years of investigating ruins,buildings,etc etc that even if there are no significant claims of 'activity' that I manage to have at least 1-2 garbled EVP or a personal experience such as a flash in the corner of my eye etc.. at Cedar Grove Ive seen and felt NOTHING. Its a beautiful place which all should visit if in the area but I personally feel that the claims of this cemetery are drummed up to help feed the local tourism industry which is a huge part of this towns capitol and are based on legend and the fact this cemetery is very old and there-fore must be 'haunted'.

Haunted New Bern Cemetery

I planned on visiting New Bern myself and investigate the Arch after hearing about it in a book i read on Haunted Places. Just read your submission that its not so haunted, so based on that, i think ill wait a later date. Not saying ITS NOT haunted, it could just be that it is not as active as it once was. Ive seen cases of hauntings that were very frequent at one time, but as time goes on, becomes less active, but every now and then something does happen. Thanks for telling your experience, ill be sure to come back and tell everyone what i find when i finally go.
Im a paranormal investigator myself, i know its not much, but check out our myspace at

Thanks :)


Ha Ha, Sorry sir it just wasnt your lucky time to see the ghost trust me there is things out there at the old part, go sit there at nite and u will see the devil.


I now it's real because the devil he is out there I now I saw him one night I was driving by and he looked my way so I high tailed it out of there in a hury.

Not so haunted

I was a resident of new bern from birth until college and sometimes things just don't want to be seen. Most encounters are by those not looking. Even the dead appreciate a bit of fun I guess.

Thanks for the comment

Thanks for the comment Michael, its good to know someone has checked it out as you said. When we were there, it was dressed up for the 'ghost walk' so it could've been that atmosphere. I guess it does all come down to personal experiences. Especially in this field. Again, thanks for sharing with us.


cedar grove

I must agree I have been there several times with my kids and I do not feel any vibes of ghosts at all

Is in my mind haunted

My wife and I have been in to the paranormal for many years. I have had many experiences as a child and while in the military did investigations in El Paso Tx and iraq. She on the other hand is a skeptical logical type person. we decided about a year ago to go ghost hunting we had no real idea about where we were going just had free time and decided to go well the first time we went there we got in the cemetary and are camera and voice recorders both died and we started hearing things. well we left and came back a second time with my brother and his girlfriend this time we walked farther into the graveyard. well we got seperated while reading a gravestone.when i looked up we were alone and i was like honey we need to catch up with them and she looked at me with glazed over eyes. and she was mumbling that she felt sick. well she leaned against me and i had to walk with her. she started feeling better after a few minutes.i asked her about it and she adamantly stated she didnt know what i was talking about. it happened again when we walked by the same area to leave and i had to drag her halfway out of the cemetary.because something seemed to be following us when we got to the car her nose had dried blood on it. and we had some eerie pics of green smog. so that being said im a believer.

its laget

me and my friend who now lives in greenville used to live in new bern and grew up in newbern and told me about it, we recently went to visit it, im a very perseptive person and have had alot of paranormal experiences and that places has alot of vibes
you can feel it, nothing happend to me
but i feel that if it would have been night to i would have saw something
i can honestly say that im pretty sure that cemetary is haunted

Cedar Grove does have it's ghosts

I don't have paperwork or anything to show how credible I am but I have grown up in the New Bern area and have visited that cemetery quite frequently. I would walk around until I felt things about the tomb stones. I never quite "saw" anything but no matter what time of the day I was sure to sense a presence. Not saying they were of the dead buried there, but the afterlife of New Bern sure does love the electricity in the air around that place. The last time I visited there I was sure there were unmarked graves scattered around and it made the spirits uneasy. Although no one had told me about them... about a year later there was an article in the Sun Journal newspaper about a guy in another state had traced his lineage to New Bern, to that cemetery and was shocked to find out more than a dozen of his relatives were laid to rest without a tombstone, or at least the one they had was long rotted away. (Some of the super old tombstones are wood)

He was able to place them in their proper grave sites. I live more western NC these days but I know what I felt, and that made it real enough for me... but you can believe what you want.


I am the guy who placed the head stones for my family there. 17 markers in all. Some were just placed in the family plots where they were known to be buried, the exact gravesites in the plot are not known. I too get that semi-eerie feeling when I walk through the cemetery. One day I plan on visiting again and then spending the night in the cemetery. That would be really interesting. Another good cemetery to visit is the Old Burying Ground in Beaufort, NC. It too has that feel about it.

Corey Patterson

Just a regular stroll through the cemetery

A couple of my friends and I just checked this place out yesterday 04/08/12 around 3/4 am we walked through the whole cemetery and no one felt saw or heard a thing... I dont want to discredit whether it's haunted or not. My personal experience wasn't paranormal its definitely a beautiful place enriched with history!

ouija board

I've been to this cemetary over 10 times, mostly at night. Once, around 1am, a friend and I took a Ouija board out there. For an hour we sat with no success. Other than that, I haven't seen anything weird other than used condoms. Or felt any bad vibes. Peaceful place...oh, Caleb Bradham is buried there, creator of Pepsi! Other than that, I have had several legit experiences, so I'm definitely a believer


I live right outside of New Bern so I walk through Cedar Grove quite a few times a year(usually in the middle of the night) I can't say I've ever really seen, felt or heard anything but I once took some random photos of some graves and hadn't seen anything weird with the picture until I accidentally printed it out. I had then noticed 2 very strange white blotches in the photo. In all honesty it looked like KKK members. Very freaky and odd. Have no clue what it is.

Grave #40 and the Weeping Arch

I'm looking for information about a story tying in grave #40 (which happens to belong to Elizabeth Henry Graves) and the Weeping Arch. I hear there is a witness in town that is reluctant to talk about it. I'm very respectful of that but I am looking for this person. Thank you so much. Please contact me at


Look for Elizabeth Graves Henry (Cook) (1744 - 1824)

Union Burial in Cedar Grove

Does anyone familiar with the cemetery, know of any Union soldiers killed in 1862 buried there? I'm looking for someone specific, my Great Great Great Grandfather who was killed in the Spring of 1962. I called and was told that the cemetery records do not go back that far, so there's really no way of knowing who is interred there during and following the Civil War, by the written records. However, there was a mass grave containing the remains of some Confederate soldiers buried in a tunnel at the site. Does anyone know why they would have been buried in a tunnel, rather than in separate graves? And from what Civil War battle they were from, and the time of their interment? To me that sounds like a more likely resting spot for Union soldiers than Confederate soldiers, when the Union Army held New Bern. Does anyone know of any Civil War Union burials located anywhere in New Bern, NC?

union soldiers

My understanding is that there are monuments to union soldiers at the National Cemetery in New Bern. You could try there.

Weeping Arch Of New Bern

I myself live in new bern and one night me and my daddy and mommy checked it out and you dont feel like something is watching you. sometimes you may look at a tomb stone then look out across the graveyard and see a figure. My daddy had got out his phone and started take a video and in the middle of the video a red light appears floting through the air and then a streetlight goes off. creepy if you ask me. them my daddy laid down on one of the tomb stones and we took a picture and a spirit appeard. then he laid down beside a tomb stone and when we took a picture a spirit appeared uptop. so if you like creepy stuff go check out the weeping arch of new bern. you wont be sorry you went.

My Experience

One day, my father and my brother and my best friend and I drove along the cemetery. As we went by I turned and saw a figure of a little girl playing in the cemetery. When I looked head on she disappeared. I saw her figure again as we started driving, so I stopped the car and went out to go look for the girl but saw no one else in the graveyard expect my family and I.

Interesting experience at Cedar Grove Cemetary.

My friends and I have started a paranormal research team called Down East Apparition Detectives we have already investigated six area hauntings and Cedar Grove cemetary has been the most recent.We stared out as we always do first with a prayer and then we conducted an EVP session,in the session we specifically asked who was haunting the Cemetery and the name "THOMAS" was said since we had no other activity with the EVP's My girlfriend and I broke away from the group to go take pictures.We stumbled across a gravestone that had the name BLOW MORE on it,,pardon us for finding this kinda amusing but I told my other friends when we got back about the headstone.To my surprise the word Blow came up in their EVP session so we all agreed to check out the headstone.We were very suprised and shocked to find a headstone behind the BLOW/MOORE headstone that had the name Thomas Blow,this was the two words that were in succesion in our EVP recordings.I was even more shocked when I later noticed on my pictures of the Thomas Blow headstone a mysterious Red Fog that ascended from the headstone.If anyone else has had any experiences near the Thomas Blow headstone please contact us at

Senior Project

Hello, I go to NBHS and I was wondering if there is anyone willing to go on a ghost hunt with me. Please email me at for more details.

Thank you and I hope to have a good hunt =D

Ghost hunting

Hi my name is anne.iv never been to newborn nc. Before,im coming from suffolk va. to get set up for operation down here.and curious about all the ghost places down here.wheres the scariest place of all down here to check out

I live adjacent to cedar grove.

Does anyone know any information about James W. Carmer? That stone often has eerie lighting effects happen on it. I'm not sure if it's a defective light post or something else. Any input is appreciated.


For those of you that think performing divination (ie-Ouija) in a graveyard is a good idea . . . think again, people. Not everyone who passed on was "good" with good intentions. People who were evil and malevolent in life carry their essence with them into the paranormal realm. Many now realize that they have abilities designed to terrorize and scare people in this physical world, and they do it with other spirits who exhibit the same intent. There are many spirits who observe those that open themselves up to the paranormal by going to look for it (using Ouija and going ghost hunting are two prime examples. If you don't know how to protect yourself, you will open yourself up to negativity) and when they see discourse and weakness in the individual, family or home, they invite themselves in, stay and turn everything upside down. Don't do it. Don't go looking for the dead.

Another thing many people don't realize is that New Bern was at one time the headquarters for Wicca for almost 20 years. Essentially, that means that you had a large number of people, untrained and delving into the unknown, performing spells, conducting seances, conjuring spirits. Do you think, for one minute, that doors weren't opened that allowed things other than spirits that were once human, into this physical world? Particularly in this area, with its Wiccan roots? People, don't delve into the paranormal if you do not know what it is you may encounter. There are too many people who believe it is harmless, a game, that only find out differently when they "play" with the paranormal, looking for answers, for validation. Look at this like a friendly warning. The paranormal is real, evil exists and those that tread inexperienced in that area may place themselves and their family in danger-in this physical world, and possibly the next.

I have to share this.

December 26 2014.
I have recently just moved to New Bern North Carolina and the day after Christmas my sister and I decided to go visit historical gravesites.

after about 10 minutes walking around we were in the area behind some bushes looking at a couple tombstone all of the sudden my sister heard a noise sounding like a bunch of birds flapping their wings.
it was so loud I looked over through the trees and about 30 feet in the air I saw leaves twirling around going really fast in a circle, for a moment... I thought they were birds
...then my sister scream out wow this is a giant dust devil of leaves.

I ran out behind the bushes to get a better look and I decided to walk towards this twirling giant....then this giant dust devil moved toward me... once it reach me it broke up and fell to the ground but it was ice cold when it hit me.

the weather was clear no wind moving and it was a cool day. anyway I thought I would share what happened to us it just was such a bizarre thing you had to be there.

The weeping arch

I have read that if you enter and you feel something wet drop on you that you would be next to die. I felt something wet drop on my head as I was leaving the cemetery as I walked under the arch to leave. Should I be worried?

not haunted

I live in new bern. I'm not a scientist or anything I've been here my whole life and when I was younger I was told it was haunted but as I got older I would use the grave as a short cut all the time...It would be scary but just my imagination. I believe there's evil but I'm with god so I'm good and everyone else too...

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