The North Room of Currituck Lighthouse

Currently, the lighthouse at Currituck Beach, like most lighthouses across the country, is completely automated, requiring nothing more of humans than the occasional maintenance.

This was not always the case, however. There was a time, in recent history actually, when lighthouses were operated by people who actually lived on the property and operated the lights by hand.

The keeper's quarters became home to many families throughout the years, and some of it's inhabitants are still quite reluctant to leave. It's the North Room of the keepers house that seems to be the hot spot for activity.

Little Sadie Johnson's family was the first to live in the light keepers quarters, and her bedroom was set up in the north bedroom of the house. Day after day Sadie would play in the sand by the water, but one day she didn't come home. Her small body washed up on shore the next day, dead from drowning.

No one gave a second thought to the child's death, just assuming it had been a horrible accident. Until the next deaths occurred, that is.

During a brief visit, a friend of the keeper's wife came to stay with them and was boarded in the North Bedroom. Inexplicably, she was infected with a mysterious illness and died.

The last family that inhibited the house experienced tragedy also. The light keeper's wife was quarantined to the North Bedroom after contracting tuberculosis. After being confined from her family and friends, the woman soon lost the will to live, and she too became among the victims of the North Room at Currituck.

Is a supernatural phenomenon really to blame for these deaths? No one can say for sure. What is known is that the North Room remains a dark, foreboding area in the historic house. It's reported that many a guest have refused to enter the room, citing an unseen presence for their feelings of unfavorableness. Even some of the workers who were hired during the renovation refused to enter the room, even though they had no prior knowledge of the deaths that had taken place in there. And since the last tenants moved out, not one person has spent an entire night in the North Room at the keepers house. But then again, maybe it's best that way.


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