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The Ghost of The Pink Lady

Famous authors and even a president are among the guests that have visited the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. But the most famous guest is the ghost of a lady dressed in pink, who unfortunately never checked out.

The unknown woman, or “the pink lady” as she has affectionately become known as, came to visit the Inn during the 1920's, and was a guest of room 545. Dressed in a long, pink, flowing gown, the woman fell to her death over the stone wall from the second floor. Though her body was removed, it seems that her spirit has lingered behind.

In the years since her death, employees and guests have reported seeing a pink mist, and even an apparition of a woman dressed in a pink gown throughout the lodge. Though it might seem to some a little unnerving to be sharing a residence with a ghost, no one has ever reported any malicious interactions with her.

The pink lady seems especially drawn to children. In fact, after a family visit to the inn, a doctor once wrote that his children told him that “they enjoyed playing with the lady in the pink dress”. Her pranks are child-like in nature, also; some guests have reported that their feet have been tickled at nighttime, the air conditioning has been turned off and on, as have the lights, and she has been blamed for doors and windows being opened.

Though most interactions have been mostly horseplay, every once in a while the hotel receives reports of gentle, almost nurturing encounters with the pink lady. Once she was said to wrap a guest in a compassionate embrace, and another guest reported having her hold her hand when she was scared.

Not every guest who stays in the Grove Park Inn will happen upon the ghost of the Pink Lady. But for those who do, the experience will certainly stay with them throughout their travels.


I'v been to the GPI

I actualy WITTNESSED a THEFT at the GPI so I am Investigating the crime. Actualy I am 8-years old, but I do like solving mysteries. AWSOME!


haha lol u spelled awesome wrong

pink lady

i just went to the grove park inn and i did not see the pink lady>proboly beacuse it was in the morning

I worked at the GPI and never

I worked at the GPI and never encountered the pink lady, although a coworker of mine claimed she had witnessed the ghost. Also, the story goes that the pink lady was on her honeymoon and died in a car crash on the windy road leading up to the GPI. According to the legend I grew up hearing, the pink lady returns to search for her husband.

the pink lady

i have heard so many different storys! because someone on here says that she wreaked on the windy road the leads to the Grove Park Inn. But the top story indicates that she fell to her death from a rock wall. Also theres yet another story that the inn was adding a wing and she fell from a scaffel where the work was being done. Someone also posted the she was supposed to be on her honeymoon but i have researched this topic constantly and no other stories infers that.I have also heard that she was drunken and fell which i dont believe to be true due to the fact of only one story stated that.THis story personly doesnt match up to me as the others ive read did because i have read multiple storys each saying that she fell from a scaffle so I think ill continue my research until i find the truth because i dont believe she was drunken nor on her honeymoon. My testimony to her being on her honeymoon is where was her new husband? wouldnt he have died too
? Please feel free to reply if you think any of this is untrue or more true! thanks for taking you time to read my thoughts!<3

Currently staying a few rooms away from room 545

I am actually writing this from room 555 at the GPI. We didn't experience anything odd but I found this website that talks about the investigation and true story behind the Pink Lady.

Pink Lady at Grove Park Inn

I was at GPI the other night. I am a native of the area & grew up with these stories. There are reasons why her identity & that of her lover are unknown by most. There are many interesting stories of encounters people have had with her! If I was researching this, I`d focus on those I guess, as there`s more info available. I`ve had experiences of spirits & energies in various areas in the hotel, esp one; I had it the other night & it was corroborated by a person I was with though I had said nothing to the effect to prompt her. There are many spirits there & many are not pleasant to say the least but aren`t in the usual areas where people stay or spend time & often not even in the hotel building itself, thankfully. This is typical of our whole area around Asheville & all of WNC! I love the GPI & go there regularly, always bring visiting guests there to sit on the deck or in one of the observation areas to watch the sunset. Have friends who exhibit at the annual Arts & Crafts show & who work in the beautiful spa. If you`re hunting for ghost stories, WNC is *filled* with them, going back to Cherokee times, near & around GPI, all around Asheville, every town & in every area. It`s endless! I like the stories bc I love stories of anyone`s life, past times & what really happened behind the scenes, what were the feelings, relational dynamics, struggles, cultural mores & so on. Also to wonder what the ghosts think of us! And how do they see our world & their own existence. I suggest anyone who`s seeking info can probably contact the Asheville Paranormal Society? The PinkLady has been a focus of theirs for decades I believe

Other spirts at gpi?

Hi Gingersky. Was wondering if you know exactly of the other spirits you mention? I know there is one down in the lower lounge/bar room. A watchman that is supposed to turn the lights off outside or something like that. Then what used to be the building that was rebuilt into condos was haunted I believe. What ones do you know of?

Another GPI ghost

Also GPI has had several wedding parties who found the image of a woman in an older style gown posing in the background of their group photos when taken in one traditional photo area of the hotel. I forgot where that is, and I believe that ghost is a different one from the Pink Lady (who`s name may never be known or revealed).


It has been a while since the last comment but the Pink Lady still is a common interest. I have taken the time to research her, and was interested by what you said.You both say that there are multiple ghost in the Grove Park Inn. Do you know if there have been sightings of them interacting with one-another. Do they talk, laugh, fight, walk, or for the most part just leave one another alone?

i want to see her when i go

if i go i hope i see her.Ive seen ghost before.I am 11 years old and im not scared.It would be awesome to see her.My grandmamas house has ghost.

room 545

just spent 2 nights in room 545 and kinda bonded with the pink lady. i could feel her presence and i actually talked aloud to acknowledge her. a couple of times during the night i felt like someone touched my feet - kept waking me up.

Pink Lady Information

Hi, hopefully those who have posted in here will see this... I am part of the Asheville Paranormal Society, and have investigated the gpi many times. I have not had a personal experience with the pink lady. Though another spirit there, or maybe it was her for she does roam around. Had doors shut behind me, and touched. I have not heard that story about her crashing on the road up to the inn, but what I know about it from a psychic in our group and another one I have met from being a hunter, that she had fallen outside her room to her death on the 1st floor. No one knows if it was a accident or murder. The psychic that was not part of our group thinks it was a murder. That whoever her mate was killed her in the bathroom and threw her over the railing to make it look like it was a accident. The facts no one knows because back then they did not keep any records of things for that especially it being a place like it is. Very hush hush. Asheville is full of haunted places. Do not mend too much with spirits.... They can be dangerous. Though they do not wish to harm you. Goose bumps are a usual sign that one is checking you out, if you are somewhere that's haunted.

pink lady

i went see pink lady sound cool how did pink lady die ..........
i seen the real pink lady and she talked to me in ... u know like a ghost.

5th floor

My fiancé and I recently spent a night on the 5th floor with hopes of sighting the pink lady. After a night at the local bars we decided to head back to our room around midnight with the intention of investigating the 5th floor. Unfortunately we did not capture paranormal activity In any of the 100 pictures we snapped from our phones. However a strange phenomenon did occur once we returned to our room. My fiancé who is an avid paranormal enthusiast, was not able to join me on one last stroll though the 5th floor. She remained in bed, paralyzed by fear, refusing to leave the room. At this point it was 2am and I was too tired to argue, so I did not capture any paranormal activity. This was however the absolute nicest hotel I have ever stayed in.

My family experienced the pink lady

We were outside at night with our son and daughter ages 9 and 11. We were sitting in
The big wooden rocking chairs near the front entrance. It was a partial eclipse that
Night so we were snapping some pics and joking about the pink lady. It was a little cold
That night- I'd say around 45 degrees or so. We had our jackets on and my wife and kids had
A light blanket on as well. In an instant we all felt so bone chilling cold I can't even properly describe it.
As an avid snowmobiles in Northern Michigan I am used to extreme temps but this was like nothing I ever felt.
I continued to snap pics of the moon but all of a sudden it disappeared. When we returned to our room I popped the SD card from my camera to look at our pics. All of the pics basically looked the same except the ones I took during the cold spell. You could clearly see the pink haze everyone refers to and an amazing string of lights- I think it is called an orb. None of us saw it first hand but the camera picked it up. It was a really cool experience and our family enjoys talking about it. It was about 4 years ago. Absolutely beautiful place to stay.

Pink mist

I am not a believer in ghosts but spent my first night at GPI in Sammons wing. I woke up early in the morning to see pink fog outside my windoow. I rolled over and went back to sleep . Woke up a second time and it was a foggy morning, but the fog was a normal white . Weird thing ...I have never seen pink fog before.

The death of me

I went on a ghost tour at the GPI and the man said she was fighting with her husband or lover and out of rage he pushed her over the edge and snapped her neck, the way he described it has never left me.

i want to go

its sounds so crazy bro i mean thats just cray cray bie now yyyyaaaalllll

Pink Lady Encounter

My wife and I stayed in room 545 on Valentines weekend 1997 and knew nothing about the ghost stories related to the GPI. When first in the room I opened one of the crank casement type windows with much difficulty then closed it. Went in the bathroom and upon returning to the room it was freezing cold and the window was wide open again. My wife was down in the lobby at the time and wouldn't have been able to open it anyways. Thought taht was odd, mentioned it to her and she asked at the desk about any ghosts. They denied that there were any ghosts in the Inn. That night, I woke up when I felt someone sit down on the foot end of the bed, I woke my wife and told her what I felt in time for us both to feel 'the presence' get off the bed. It was very weird, but not at all threatening. Asked a waiter about any ghosts and he told me that the Pink lady was a guest back in the 1920's who was suppost to be meeting her married lover at a Valentines Party there and when he didn't show, she threw herself over the balcony outside the room in dispair. We had no further encounters other then an unusually welcome feeling while in the room that weekend, but we were kind of sad after hearing the story. I would love to go back again, a wonderful place to stay.


I'm from the area & also have heard many different version's of the pink lady's death. I'm also VERY interested in the paranormal. In fact I would love to be part of an investigative team. In Jan 2014 I plan on visiting several haunted properties in the area, GPI being the first..I hope then to have an awesome storie to tell.

Children playing in halls

Can anyone share the experience of loud children in the hall outside of the room only to find out no one was there?


The GPI place is a magnetic field area. Magnetic field made people hallucinate.

Room 545

I am lying on the bed in room 545 right now. My husband and I have been here for four nights and so far the only odd thing that has happened is someone tapping on the door yet no one was there! If it were a ghost or the pink lady, she would be able to float right through the door! One more night--we shall see!

Follow up

As we departed the Inn today and approached our waiting limo to the airport, my husband opened his wallet and all the bills flew out and swirled all over the entry parking lot! Was it the Pink Lady!!! Aha!

Pink Lady

I stayed in room 545 alone about a year ago. When I was half asleep I felt someone get in bed with me and then I felt a hand touch my genitals. The pink lady is a hornball.

Room on 5 th floor

My husband And I stay there frequently on our anniversary. We like to vary the locations,and this year we stayed in the older section on 5 th floor. It was quite different then other stays in more modern rooms; the room was small,quaint and bathroom had a slanted ceiling over the toilet,so to keep from whacking our heads in the night,I left the bathroom light least 3 times it was shut off,and my husband was sleeping next to me. I would get up,feel my way to the bathroom and turn it back on,go back to bed,and about an hour or so later it would turn back off again. I thought maybe that the room had an automatic turn off mechanism. The switch was not easy to flick on or off. It was pretty funny,like a game. I did not see anything different however !


where is 545?? anybody knowz plz tell

Pink Lady

I stayed at the gpi 2 days ago.... I figured there might be a ghost story because it's so old, so I googled. After reading about it, my family and I went down to room 545. I have little siblings, and I heard she liked children so I was a little anxious. Nothing happened except I experienced slight chills as I neared the room and what felt like prickling or static electricity on my left leg. It may have been mental though who knows. Creepiest part was probably the lady in the elevator.

pink lady

Me and my friend called the Pink Lady in last night and crossed her into the light. She didn't believe in God until I prayed with her and Jesus showed up. She believed then and went into the light with Him. It was a beautiful experience. The important thing is she is now where she is supposed to be....

Pink lady

I was at the gpi just last night with 3 of my friends, and we were on the 5th floor of the Main inn (where she feel from) we were sitting on the couches near the old elevator. We had been noticing that everyone once and a while the buzzer would sound as it does when you hit the elevator call button. After a couple of minutes, the elevator stopped on the floor and the operator lady came out and asked if anyone had hit the button. We all said no because we had not seen anyone niether had we gotten up and hit the button. After she left, the buzzer kept going off, not constantly, but in a random pattern with some amounts of time in between them. Again the elevator lady stopped on the floor and came out and confronted us and asked who keeps pushing the button, so we tell her that none of us have gotten up, and that she can check the security camera if she wants, but we had not gotten up from the couches. So she kind of angrily storms back into the elevator and leaves. Once again, the buzzing starts. She told us that the elevator keeps buzzing at the 5th floor. After another few minutes, she comes back, apparently she had a lady on he elevator with her that was asking about the pink lady. So she stopped at the 5th floor and told her the story. After she had gotten back in the elevator after telling the story of the pink lady, their was no more buzzing or anything. While the buzzing was going on, one of my friends who was with me took many pictures, and on 2 of them, we could see a pink haze near the elevator, it was some night!

Pink lady

A friend and I stayed there between Christmas and New Years once and were in a room on the 4th floor near 545. The last night we were there we were finishing a jigsaw puzzle we had brought with us. It was midnight and the wind was blowing quite fiercely outside. As we assembled the puzzle, the tv changed channels by itself. It did this 3 times until I turned it off. The room had turned quite cold and I checked the digital thermostat to find that the readout was just gibberish when it had been working perfectly. We dismissed this as chance until the two loose puzzle pieces on the table started slowly moving simultaneously together in a counterclockwise motion right under our noses. It lasted about 10 seconds until they stopped. We sat there in stunned silence while we realized what had been happening all around us all evening. We then realized she had been messing with us in small ways the whole time we had been there. I never thought I would experience such a thing but it happened and I was thrilled. I never felt threatened in the least and when we acknowledged her presence everything went back to normal including a fully functional thermostat. I loved the GPI and am planning on going back soon.

Pink lady

Ok so the grove park is cool I am staying here tonight and last night my night light kept going on a off and it was so weird so today I'm gonna go ghost hunting

Pink Lady

I read that the Pink Lady's ghost wouldn't harm the living and enjoys the company of children. She is a friendly and kind spirit. But she can become a little nasty if someone was ever rude to her.

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