The Screaming woman of Haw Branch

Located about 35 miles south of Richmond in Amelia County, Virginia, Haw Branch Plantation is a beautiful reminder of America's history. Built in 1748 and named for the trees growing along a stream on the property, the house has been associated with families involved in politics on both a local and national level. The downside is that a house with such a history is often the site of many ghostly sightings. Haw Branch is no different. This is the tale of the screams of an unknown woman.

Haw Branch Plantation was purchased in 1965 by William McConnaughey along with his wife, Gibson. Upon buying the house they immediately began to renovate the delapidated mansion. Three months after the couple moved into their new home something terrifying happened. Late on the night of November 23, 1965 both William and Gibson were jolted awake by a bloodcurdling scream coming from upstairs.

The couple raced upstairs to see where the scream came from, but could find nothing. They tried to go back to sleep, but the thought of that horrific sound kept them awake the rest of the night. Over the next few days the terror and anxioty the screams caused faded and the family resumed their routine. That however, didn't last long.

Exactly six months later on May 23, the quiet night was again shattered by a series of screams. Again the owners ran upstairs to find out what was wrong and again the source of the screams was not found. The mysterious screams happened twice more, again on November 23rd and May 23rd.

Then, on May 23, 1968, instead of the screams coming from upstairs, they heard heavy footsteps in the yard and a wail from just outside the house. The couples children claimed they saw a bird with a six foot wingspan in the moonlight. The screams were heard several more times, always on the 23rd of November or May.

As I understand it, the screams are no longer heard. Perhaps whatever was causing it has found its peace. Some people say it was a bird that was the source of the bone chilling screams. After all, the children did claim they saw a large bird. If that's the case, why did it only happen on certain days?

Haw Branch Plantation has a rich history and more than a few ghost stories. This is just one of more to come. So what do you think?


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