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Ghost of Alice Flagg

Alice Flagg was the younger sister of Dr. Allard Flagg who built the Hermitage in 1848. Staying in one of the upstairs bedrooms, Alice was a typical southern belle of that era. As she grew older, however, it became apparent that Alice was her own person and more headstrong that most women of her time. At the age of sixteen Alice met a man whom her brother and mother considered beneath them. Some say he was a turpentine salesman, others claim he was a lumberman. Whatever the case, Alice fell in love with the man.

When the man came to visit Alice one Day at the Hermitage, her brother refused to allow the man to see her. Angered by this, Alice began to sneak about to meet her love. One day, the man proposed and Alice accepted. Knowing her family would never let her keep the ring, Alice wore it on a ribbon around her neck and concealed it beneath her blouse.

Eventually her family's attitude towards her fiancée became to much and Alice agreed to move to Charleston to attend school. Although not being around her mother and brother made it easier for Alice to relax, she was also away from her true love which broke her heart. Alice was ecstatic to to find her fiancée had made the trip for the Spring Ball and, as her mother and brother were unable to attend, spent the entire night dancing with her betrothed. It was the happiest night of her life.

The next day Alice fell ill with the fever that was ravaging the area. Dr. Flagg was notified and within four days was in Charleston with a carriage full of medicine to take his sister back to the Hermitage. Back at home, Dr. Flagg carried Alice to her room and when he was examining her, he found her ring. Furious, he ripped the ribbon from around the sick girls neck and flung the ring into the nearby creek. For the next week, which was the rest of her life, Alice begged her visitors to find her ring. When she had enough strength, she staggered about her room looking for the lost symbol of her love.

When Alice died, she was placed in a temporary grave until her mother came back from a trip to the mountains after which she was moved to the cemetery at All Saints Waccamaw Church. Her story doesn't stop there though. It is said that her ghost wanders the halls of the Hermitage. visitors have seen her spirit in the mirror of her room and she has been known to enter and exit the house through the front door always with a hand clutching her chest as if trying to find her ring.

She is also said to be found both at her final resting place and the temporary one she was placed in while waiting for her mother. Local teens have been known to try to raise Alice Flagg by walking around her grave thirteen times and they believe that if a young girl walks around the grave nine times the ring will disappear from her ring finger.

Does the ghost of Alice Flagg haunt the places that caused her so much grief? I can't say for sure, but there are people who believe she will continue to look for her lost ring forever.



I am from Pawleys Island and I grew up with most of the "local legends ". I have been fascinated with ghost stories since I could read! I have been to Alice's grave many times, but have never been brave or stupid enough to walk around it as legend says. I've seen the Gray man, and been in the house at the corner of Duke and Screven st in Georgetown and up the stairway to the fateful step. So most of the stories of the lowcountry Iknow by heart! By the way, afew lucky people have seen Alice sitting one the brick fence that surrounds Allow Saints cemetary and actually spoken to her and held conversations!! It's a sad, true story.

Alice Flagg and The Gray Man

My own family has a gray man story and experience from a memorable summer vacation on Pawley's Island. I didn't see the apparition by my brother and many others with us on the beach did. But that night a storm hit the island and tore the place up. Our beach house was unaffected, however. Even paper plates and cups left on the picnic table on the back deck were still there, as if the howling wind and rain had never happened. The gray man is there! Or SOMETHING is there. Who can say for sure? As for Alice, I just wish people would let her spirit rest in peace (as much as possible). Grass never has a chance to grown around her grave stone which is a ledger stone, one that lies flat on the ground. And people are always leaving strange things there. Some of them thoughtful and sentimental like flowers. Other objects are tacky and in poor taste. She died of a broken heart as much as a fever. Rest in Peace, dear girl.

The Hermitage

On a beautiful day in the late 1980's, my new husband and I were driving around Murrell's Inlet. We turned down the dirt road that had a sign hanging, saying "Hermitage" at the entrance. At the end of the road, a beautiful creek home appeared. We stopped and admired for a few minutes. As we were pulling away, a very old man started waving us down! We stopped, got out, and he invited us in to tour the house! He was a distant relative of Miss Flagg, and he resided there! Although we didn't see her ghost that day, we felt very touched by her presence thru that dear man who invited us in for a visit!

The Hermitage

That old man was very likely Clarke Willcox, the last owner of the Hermitage. He used to host tours of the house. When he died in the early 90s, the couple who cared for him in his last days kept up the tours for a short while, then the house and land were sold so his daughters could split up their inheritance. Condos were put up on the land, and the house was moved to an undisclosed location.

I knew Mr Wilcox. He went to

I knew Mr Wilcox. He went to Blaine Methodist Church in Murrle's Inlet where my father was a minister in the 70s. I've been to the Hermitage many times. Never saw Alice but we were visited by the late Rev Blaine at the parsonage and the church on several occasions. I had wondered what became of the beautiful house that used to be where those condos are now.

Tour of the Hermitage

Can you still take a tour of the Hermitage where Alice Flagg lived? I can't find anything or anywhere on the internet that will tell me if you can. Thanks so much

The House

My aunt lives in condo 112 and shes seen the girl 3 times, normally shes in the laundramat

The Hermitage

I was lucky enough to tour the Hermitage in the mid '70's. So sad that the property was developed. It was such a beautiful place. Visited Alice's grave too, didn't feel anything from her, but was uneasy near her brother's plot. (Shiver!)

alice ghost

I love ghost stories. Thanks.
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