The Haunted Cherry Point Air Station

Ghosts by nature are strange things.I don't pretend to know everything about ghosts and creepy things that go bump, but there are a few constants that I've learned about haunted places and the things that haunted them. Some exist for revenge, some for love long gone or gone wrong. And some are attached to a particular spot they remember fondly even if what they remember is no longer there.

Such is the case with Miss Mary. A seventy year old woman who appears about once every 6 months to talk to those around her old chicken farm. The only issue is her chicken farm is now gone and has been replaced by Cherry Point Air station, the largest Marine air station on the east coast. Miss Mary means no one any harm and has even been known to talk to people about the weather and her long lost home.Sgt. James Segura was so sure of his encounter with Miss Mary in 1975 that he had himself checked out medically to make sure he wasn't crazy.

Sgt. Segura was on night patrol in November of '75 When a woman approached him from behind some stacked oil drums and began to chitchat with him. She mentioned how nice the weather had been and how she lived on a chicken farm but was going to be forced from her home.

The marine found her quite polite but got an eerie feeling from the woman in a long sleeved dress who'd just walked in to a military base with flood lights and 2 sets of chain linked fence. He knew she was a ghost, and excused himself to get his supervisor. When they returned, she of course, was gone.

All the tests Segura took indicated he was a healthy man mentally and his commanding officer said he believed the soldier had the experience even though he could find no explanation for it.

A sociologist who dealt with ghosts and the unexplained came and interviewed Segura and the other men who claimed to have met Miss Mary. in doing research on the local history he found that the area had once been chicken farms in the area but all the farms had been bought out to make room for the military base. I guess that's why Mary was complaining she was being forced from her home.

As far as I know she still appears to the marines on the station, still making small talk, still scaring the bee jeebus out of the people she talks to.


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