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The Gray Man of Hatteras

The coast of North Carolina seems to protrude into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving it a prime candidate for the wrath of tropical storms. In fact, North Carolina has unwillingly hosted some of the most devastating storms recorded, including Hurricane Hazel, a category 4 which hit in 1954, and more recently, Hurricane Floyd, a category 4 which hit in 1999.

Among the detestation that these storms (and others) have left in their wake, over 1000 fatalities have been associated with these monstrous storms. It's no wonder that the mysterious “Gray Man of Hatteras” lurks around the island, close to the lighthouse, warning visitors and residents of the potential danger due to an approaching storm.

The unidentified man has been appearing to folks on the beach since the early 1900's. The general consensus is that the man is the ghost of a sailor named Gray, who lived near Cape Point, and drowned when his ship was caught in a hurricane. Often, he seems to appear out of nowhere, verbally shares his warning of impending doom, and then vanishes before their eyes.

Witnesses say that they feel no fear, and no feeling of foreboding from the ghost. They truly believe that he wants to prevent the same tragedy that claimed his life from taking another. In fact, he is known more as a town resident than a local phenomenon.

The locals all agree on one thing; if you encounter the Gray Man of Hatteras, heed his warning and get off the island quickly, without delay. For just as the ghost has never failed to deliver his warning, he has also never been wrong with his predictions of bad weather. Ignoring him would mean certain doom for anyone who happens to be caught on the coast when a hurricane approaches.


the gray man

yess i beliven ghosts and all but the weather part is kinda far fetched but i do beliven the gray man never seen him tho but i wanna see a ghost at hatteras still hopin tho. ;)

warnings of weather

NC has the gray man to warn of weather SC has the man in yellow. the man in yellow appears whenever a serious storm comes in. during Hugo he was seen in several areas that were hit with so much force looked like bombs hit the coast. if you see these men in yellow and gray heed and leave!!! the man in yellow also has been seen with a black lab. if his black lab is sniffing and pawing at the sand its gonna be a nasty 1 to bad SC didnt heed when hugo hit. look up Hurricaine Hugo 1989 and see how SC almost wasnt

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