The Ghosts of Indian Rock

In Anson County, about 3 miles northeast of Wadesboro there's a small bridge crossing a creek. Most people drive across the bridge without a thought of what lurks nearby, but the locals know. They know it as Indian Rock. Near the creek known as Gould's Fork Creek there is a cave that was carved by Catawba Indians long before the white man settled in Anson County. But it's what happens here that has the locals spooked.

The indians used the cave as shelter while hunting. It is said to be around 8x10 feet with enough room for an average sized man to walk comfortably inside. odd markings cover the walls and holes supposedly used to hold peace pipes are carved into the cavern.

The cave is almost inaccessable, which made it a good place for the indians to hide their gold. The treasure hunting that has taken place is evidenced by the holes that mark the nearby landscape. But no one has ever found the gold. Indeed, no one has ever stayed long enough to look good. The voices that come from the area of the cave has seen to that.

It is said that the voices are those of the ghosts of the treasure owners come back to discuss the gold and to frighten would-be treasure hunters. So mant people believe that a man whos home near the cave burned in the 1950's chose not to rebuild and moved on because of the voices coming from Indian Rock.

The other legend is similar to The Devil's Tramping Ground and The Devil's Cave in that in the cave The Devil himself has slept in the cave and used a nearby stone floor as his racetrack. Locals claim that objects left there during daylight disappear once the sun goes down.

On Saturday, September 25th 2010 Shecky and I took a trip to this location. I must say of all the haunted places in North Carolina we've been, this was far and away the most creepy. We weren't really prepared for climbing (nor for walking though the creek), so we never left the road. But both of us got the distinct feeling we should leave... fast. So we did. :-)

If you want to have a look for yourself take Highway 742 North from Wadesboro you'll see the sign over Gould's Fork Creek. I'm not sure which side the cave is on or who owns the property, so take the proper precautions if you decide to look for Indian Rock. But if you do find it, take some pictures and share with the rest of us.


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