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The Ghosts of The Haunted Woods

On Highway 64 in Martin County between the county seat of Williamston and the nearby town of Jamesville is a stretch of swampland known as The Haunted Woods. It is said that from almost the earliest times to the present, strange things happen in those woods...

Usually in hauntings you have one ghost or phenomena in a given area. The Haunted Woods is blessed (or cursed) with several.

First of all you have the floating lights. Small balls of light float through the swamp. For years, hunters have tried to shoot the lights, with no luck. On at least one occasion, a pair of brothers hurried home to get rope to try to lasso the lights after their firearms failed them. Their attempts to capture the lights failed them as well. The scientists who have studied the lights have given the standard answers for the glowing balls. Gas from the swamp, lights from hunters in the area and car headlights. None of which have satisfied the residents of Martin County. They have offered their own theory in return.

They believe the lights are from early settlers in the area brutally killed by Native Americans near the Roanoke River. The nature of the killings made the souls unable to rest and so they fly around in the swamp, looking for peace.

Aside from the lights, reports of ghosts have came from the swamp as well and not just human spirits, but animals as well. Stories of pale white cows, deer and dogs have been told for generations. Like the ghost lights, these animals seem immune to a bullet.

Finally, there is the lynching tree (or hanging tree). Still talked about in the lore of Martin County, this now long gone tree had extremely long limbs perfect for hanging a man. In a time long past lynchings were common place in North Carolina. Martin County was no different. Many men lost their lives at the end of a rope on that tree.

One such man was accused of being a horse thief. After he met his end, folks began to report seeing a ghost hanging from the same limb as the horse thief. The ghost was said to give of a pale, silvery light. As the tale of the hanging ghost was told again and again, more people went out to see it. One night, a group of about 25 people went to see the spirit. As they got close to the tree, they sent 5 people ahead to see if they could spot anything. Seeing nothing, the men sent for the rest of the people. As soon as everyone gathered around the tree, the ghost appeared horrifying everyone there.

As one person who was present said, "It chilled the blood in our vains". The entire group quickly got out of there and supposedly not one of them ever returned.

The Lynching Tree is long gone but it's ghosts still haunt the area known as Devils Gut. Sobs and cries can still be heard near where the old tree stood. Not to mention the temperature is several degrees higher that the rest of the swamp.

So if your on Highway 64 at night between Williamston and Jamesville, roll down your windows, look and listen. You may see the floating balls of light or hear the sobs of a person who died of mob justice. You could also stop to investigate the ghosts of the haunted woods, but I won't... :)


Been There Done That

Sure, you could camp out there. There's no law against it. If you're not afraid of bears, that is...and ghosts of course. There is a rock path on Dymond City Road. There used to be a town there with the J & W Railroad track. It is said that when the train stopped running so did the town. No one knows why they all packed up and left. The town would have been a really big and prosperous town. Everyone left and now nothing remains. So, technically, it's not necessarily just the woods and swamps that supposedly have ghosts lurking in them, but the town too. Dymond City got its name because there was a possibility that there were mine shafts somewhere around there where diamonds could be found...but that can't be said for certain. Either way, I've been there at night..ONCE so far. I had to come back because it starting raining and the path was washed out. Keep in mind that if you go to Dymond City there is only one way in and one way out. Don't make any turns unless you want to get lost. That's probably what happened to those people who never returned. When I was there I heard a loud metallic clinging sound that I could not explain and then lightning began to strike all around the path. I took it as a warning and left. I'm planning two trips back to scope the land and investigate the ghostly orbs. This is no joke. I am a Paranormal Investigator and even I am using precaution when entering the ghostly town and woods of Dymond City.





Ok so I just went down there

Ok so I just went down there to see the so called orbs. Well it's true.. We went down a ways and turned back around. Cut the truck off and the lights. Then blinked the lights 3 times and within 30 seconds the ball of light appeared. Bounced around then went away. We did this a few times and with the same results each time. We left and got several miles down the rd and decided to go back. This time the light was bright red. it disappeared and then reappeared bright white again. It happened multiple times. Not a car not flashlight it was nothing that could b explained. I have it on video. It was crazy!!!!

Dymond City

Where is the rock path on Dymond City Rd? How far down the road do you go to find the rock path?

dymond city

dymond city is nothing but rock paths. You go to the very end of dymond city road and you will find a little trailer. The inhabitants are very friendly. (the irony in the fact that their son is my tattoos artist) once you make it there, you will find a 3 seperate paths. If you go to the right you will be on J&W tram road. follow that path!!! thats the path that leads to where the old tracks used to be.



Haunted woods

The woods you are refering too are actually the remnants of an old town. It used to be called Dymond City, but all the buildings have been torn down, and all that is left are the stories. Me and the local paranormal group, of which I am a new member, decided to go back there, the first time we had to turn around due to the path's condition, the second time we had a major blow out and the tire was completley shredded. Both times we were 20 miles deep into the woods. Well on the way back with a blown out tire, I heard someone scream help in he woods, almost immediately I felt a sharp pain on my right arm that was hanging outside the window. I had 3 long scratch marks on my arm...and nothing was close to the path to make them. I did some research and the railroad company known as J&W railroad used to run right across the part we broke down at, and the part we turned around at. After making it back we got the tire changed and the spare was flat, so we waited at the entrance to the old town for a friend to come and pump up there tire... this is where we saw the Dymond City Lights. It was a little orb that danced from one side of the street to the other. The closer you get to it the farther away it it. I taunted it to see if it would come towards me...instead it went from looking like a gold orb...into looking like a red burning fire...we are going back tommorow night for a third time and see if we can make it farther down the path. If anything good happens I will post it here.

This sounds so interesting

This sounds so interesting and I have been interested in the paranormal since I was young!!! I was born and raised in Pitt County and we have a place here called the "Pactolus Light"! U can also see a light dancing from side to side down a path that use to be a railroad track! I would love to investigate the Haunted woods, but I am not sure where it is located and would like some invesitagors who are familiar with the area to go with!
Please let me know how to contact a group. I would love to go:)
Hugs, lisa

haunted woods

while coming back to greenville one night a co worker and I were alone in a company van, she was driving I was in passenger seat, it was late approx 10 pm . She turned to look at me so she could hear what I had said to her and she swore as she turned towards me she saw a person sitting in the seat directly behind me. I was so excited because I am extremly interested in the paranormal. I want to go back and explore furthe, for the record I had not said anything to her before she turned and I heard her say something to me and she had not said anything either.

everything is true

scene the same thing live in ahoskie the stories are true before u turn to go into to dymond city the little brigde on the main road is known as the screaming bridge if u go there at 11-12 oclock you will here someone screaming

everything is true

Why do people risk going there or any haunted place for that matter if it is so dangerous,I know its thrilling but its not worth your life,it obviously is to some.

local resident and member of dyamond city hunting club

Dyamond city isn't located btwn jamesville or Williamston or on hwy 64 its on hwy 171 btwn jamesville and Washington. no camping unless ur club member cause that means trespassing. screaming bridge isn't located in dyamond city. u can't go 20miles down j&w tram or u would b in Washington its only about 15miles one to another. stories r true there is balls of light we have seen them and other weird stuff out there.
wired stuff out there.

Dymond City lights

Cody is absolutely right. I should know, I live only a few miles from the Dymond City Road, and he used to live right next to me. The "Haunted Woods" is something else entirely, and the "Screaming Bridge" is several miles away, in Farm Life. I have also seen strange lights and heard unexplainable noises in that area. I have been hearing the stories since I was a kid and have spent countless hours in and around Dymond City, and what I saw matches what I was told. You can't catch the lights, no matter how fast you go (believe me, I have tried). On one occasion I was with a friend and saw what looked like car lights cross the road in front of us, only we didn't come to another road for miles! There's definitely something strange going on out there.

Dymond City lights

I live in Plymouth and my fiancé and I have heard these stories numerous times. And strongly believe it, he has been there before and has seen it. he says he didn't know what to say except he didn't know what to say. only seeing it for yourself says it all.

Ask the locals

Firstly the screaming bridge is NOT on hwy 64. It is on Yarrell Creek road, in the Smithwick creek. The story of the screaming bridge is very construed. There are many versions, however the most common is the one of a young girl that was being chased, captured and eventually hurled to her death in the swamp below the bridge. The original bridge is wooden and is further in the woods, about a 1/2 a mile to a mile. You can sit on the new bridge at night and still hear the scream although if you in the woods something much more will happen. While I the woods and nearing the remaining structure of the bridge, if you sit quietly you can hear a rapidly approaching sound of running footprints, then you hear the steps on the wood of the bridge, a loud gut wrenching scream eludes and a splash is to follow. Numerous locals have had this experience and some have even reported having hand prints on their legs and other extremities. Secondly, the Diamond City light is between Jamesville and Washington, however not on 171. You have to take a side road that leads to the outskirts of Jamesville and Washington if memory serves correctly it is the diamond city road. Many stories appear the local lore is the death and decapitation of the mailer of the train. If you sit where the tracks used to be then the light will appear and some report the sounds of a train speeding past and feeling of vibrations on the ground beside it.
If you are really curious about the haunting a of Martin county then I suggest a book called "eerie tales of Martin County". This book was written by a class in the 1970's from the students of Bear Grass school. A copy of the book can or should be found in the county library. The book explains even more haunting of Martin county including the Witch of Bear Grass, swansons light ( located in the Swanson creek), the ghost rider of Williamston, the death chair that was located in the old mottie bell store in bear grass (store no longer stands) the chair is no reported to be in the yucca house located across from the Bear Grass School. I suggest reading this book and get the facts from the locals before making another uneducated suggestion on the locations of these infamous sites.

Dymond City

Yes Matt, I read that book about 30 times. Wish I gad a copy.

True, but not worth it.

I love paranormal activity, in a way. When I was about 12 (a couple years ago), my dad, his girlfriend at the time and their friends and I all went to the bridge thinking it would be nothing more than one little scream. This actually still gives me the chills just thinking about it. People went down under the bridge going to investigate, and my dad and I stayed on top of the bridge. As soon as you got there, you KNEW something wasnt right. The friends started shooting guns, and hollaring for the little girls voice. (Yes- it seemed to me like a little girl.) After we decided we were getting ready to leave, everything just came at once. I never physically saw anything, but im pretty sure, if i remember right, one of the friends was physically scratched on his leg. I remember hearing a girl scream to the top of her lungs and it seemed like life just stopped. It was undescribable- and it was NOT fun. Nothing like a haunted house for halloween- this was nothing to joke about.

I spend every weekend in

I spend every weekend in dymond city and yes I have had some weird experiences out there but it ain't nothing dangerous. To be honest, the ghost are actually nice, I ain't never had one try to actually harm me. They like to knock on the truck and draw in the dirt but they ain't never harmed me or anyone else I know that hangs out in dymond city.

Haunted woods

The haunted woods is in what's known as the islands,I hunted there too many times to count as a k kid. Ive seen the lights and pale white deer, even took a shot at it and continued to just walk right away like nothing happened. I fired several shots and same thing happened

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