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The Ghost of Nell Cropsey

Located at 1901, Riverside Drive, in Elizabeth City, is a beautiful white, two story home formerly known as the Cropsey Home. This historical home differs from others in that it not only harbors it's own set of unusual secrets, but also a beautiful ghost who's spirit has haunted the house since the 1900's.

The ghost of the young girl is said to be that of “Nell” Cropsey. Her father moved her and her family from Brooklyn New York to Elizabeth City in 1898. Though many men in Pasquotank County would have jumped a the chance to court Nell, she chose, as her suitor, the sherriff's son, Jim Wilcox.
Jim was 5 years older than Nell, and their romance spanned over 3 years. In November of 1901, with the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, the Cropsey family planned a trip to their hometown in New York.

The family never got the chance to take that trip.

On November 20, 1901, 19 year old Nell Cropsey disappeared from her home. Jim Wilcox was the last person to see her that night, and when interrogated later, he could not provide consistant answers. The following day, Jim was arrested for kidnapping and suspicion of murder.

And so the search for Nell began. The residents of Elizabeth City united, forming parties that searched the residential areas, farming fields and the countryside. The on December 27, 1901, two fishermen found the body of Nell Cropsey in the Pasqotank River. The coroners report concluded that even though Nell's body had been found in water, she had not drowned. The actual cause of death was trauma to the head.

Jim Wilcox was eventually convicted of 2nd degree murder, with a sentence of 30 years in prison. In 1918, Wilcox was pardoned for the crime, due to lack of evidence. Upon his release from jail, Wilcox was unable to find work, and finally in 1932, conspired with the editor of the local newspaper to write a book about the Cropsey Case.

After a short meeting with the editor, Jim Wilcox ended his life with a self inflicted shotgun would to the head. A couple of weeks later, the editor died in a car accident, taking the secrets of the Cropsey Case with him.

No one knows the events that transpired on that cold November evening. No one, that is, except Jim Wilcox and Nell Cropsey. And neither one of them are talking.

Nell, who has haunted the home since her body was found, is often seen, but never heard. She roams, the halls, appearing and then disappearing in bedrooms. Even the current tenant's son has caught a glimpse of her. At first the apparition frightened the family, but now they have come to gladly share the home with her. After all, the house was her home before it was theirs, before she met her unexpected and tragic end, becoming caught between the world that we know and the spirit world.



im confused am i suppost belive ghosts or not????????????????


Should we be afraid of ghost or wanting to live with millions of them?

nell cropsey's ghost-jim wilcox ghost

one night i rode pass the crospey house and a little was on at the house i telled my mom turn around my friend had just finished telling me the story of nell she turned around we pulled in the drive-way i took a picture of the room window with the light on and then i looked at the pictures i took of the room window .i saw jim wilcox with a white suite on standing at the window looking out the the time i was 8 years when i used to walk down the street to the park down the road from the cropsey house.i saw nell cropsey in the front parlor looking at i waved my hand and said hay.and she waved back.from then on to now i see her or him at the window ever time i drive by so i just wave and he or she wave i have actually seen bout of them


If she died in 1901 how were you 8 years old and are still alive? Did I misunderstand? I also find interesting her home address was 1901 and she died in 1901! What are the odds?! Any insight into that? I've never heard anyone mention that.

cropsey house

Jodi, the previous comment that you gave a reply. the person was 8 years old when the person saw a ghost. the home's actual address is 1109 Riverside Avenue, I should know I used to live three houses away from that house in the mid to late 1980's.


i met one of the people and the owner of the house now i seen the house of the river on my boat it is a real story and a confusing story but watch the tv show the dead files and you will se its real.

The Dead Files last Friday at the Cropsey home

It was very clear that the poor guy who has been visited by an apparition of a dead woman in this house since his childhood is scared out of his wits. I think he is so scared that he must be taking sedatives. His eyes show it all. What happened inside that house is horrible and what happened in the shack outside is both horrifying and obscene. I suggest that anyone who wants more information on this infamous house watch or re-watch The Dead Files episode "A Watery Grave" which aired on The Travel Channel, Friday, May 11th, 2012. Very disturbing!

Cropsey house

The guy was 15 at the time before 2011 when she (her ghost) visited in his bedroom, he was shaking and sweating. And with what happened outside, according to a book about her after they found her body on Dec 27, 1901 they brought her body to a windowless barn in the back on the west side of the property (it had large doors now the large vacant corner of the backyard) where they conducted an autopsy on her body. She lived there until she disappeared and they done an autopsy (opened up her dead body) on her property in a large barn behind her house

the story

I for one belive that the murderer was a spirit cause Jim Wilcox loved her they were together for three years it says.

the story

Just because he loved her doesn't mean they didn't have an argument or had a possible black out and attacked. It never said anything about their health.

nell cropsy

is this real i need to know please thank you. please respond :D.


Yes this is the true story my great grandmother told me the whole story. She has been around almost 100 years

Nell Cropsey

Yes....this is very real. The beautiful Nell Cropsey, is my great-great Aunt. Her sister is my grandfather, s mother. Yes, Nell was murdered by Mr. Wilcox. He knew the truth behind it all. His memory of it got the best of him and that is why he committed suicide. Taking the truth to the grave. with him.


Her sister never had children..... She became a recluse and never married..... Most of the family committed suicide idiot.... My wife works at the historical society......

response on Nell Cropsey House

yes, when I was in junior high and high school one of my best friends lived in that house...I stayed there many weekends...creepy for sure. I missed the Dead Files episode of it, and I can't find it on The Travel Channel...Does anybody know where I might can see it? thanks! :)

Nell Cropsey

I have to make a haunted historical marker out of this .... what important information should I use ??

The Bell Witch is a prime

The Bell Witch is a prime example of this ... a better way for you to see yourself is by looking in Google Images and typing in Haunted Historical Marker and one of the most famous ones is the Bell Witch please look it up and tell me the stuff/important information that I should include in my Haunted Historical Marker ... I would appreciate it very much... Thank You .

Nell Cropsey

Look up what a haunted historical marker is in Google images and read the one that says the Bell Witch

is this nell cropey?

I think I have seen her but not sure. What happend is I was in my house and there was a friend with me. She was in my room I was in the kitchen getting something to eat then I herd something and I saw a girl on my counter looking at me she smilrd slowly I cloused my eyes for two sec. Then she was gone. All I remeber is she had brown wavy hiar.

nell cropsey's ghost-jim wilcox ghost

isaw her and her boyfriend jim wilcox and tt thats how she looks i saw her when i was little i used to walk passed that house to go to the park i waved at her and she waved back

Another Liar

You used to walk past this house on the way to the park? What park? Unless the park is in the middle of the river, this house is on a DEAD END, AT THE VERY END FOOL..... Everyone ALWAYS tries to make themselves a part of the story lol

another lie

The park the person is talking about is Charles Creek Park or Waterfront Park. The house is NOT at the very end of the road. The road ends at 1211 Riverside before you hit a wall, the Cropsey house is at 1109 Riverside


A family actually lives there. You can't just go inside and visit the house, but you can walk by and snap photos. They are probably used to that by now.

Cropsey house

the current owners live there now for over a decade. The original owner lived there 1890-1900, Cropsey's 1900-sometime after Nell's death, then it had two or three more owners before the present owners

nell cropseys house

I Believe that after a harable death as Nell that get stuck between side .That have some unfinished business and there trying there best to finish it.She not there to harm any one sometimes thay stay around to pretext the family. Some shadow figure are dark and evil other are there as recdral hunting.

I lived there...

I lived in the Nell Cropsey house when I was little. Odd things definitely happened- but it wasn't ever scary. The light in the attic where the mother would sit to look for Nell would randomly turn on when we would turn it off. Things like that. Doors slamming with no crosswinds or breeze... it wasn't creepy at all though. I'm surprised- someone above said that you can't go in the house- we had preschools and people requesting tours all the time and there was never a problem with that.


^^^^ I agree with you, I dont think anyone on here can spell. The story in itselfis awesome. The reason I googled this, is because my aunt went there today, she knocked on the door and asked for a tour, wasn't a problem, so whoever is providing false information please stop, dont ruin it for people who are really interested by making up lies to look like you know what your talking about.

Nell Cropsey

My brother Daniel John Jones and his family lived in the Seven Pines home on 1109 Riverside Ave for also a decade. I used to visit frequently, sometimes for a week or more at a time, especially during the holidays. I never saw the ghost of Nell Cropsey.


Does anyone know if there is a correlation between the house number, 1901, and the year of the murder, 1901? With several other people involved committing suicide ... Was there a malevolent spirit there before Nell who caused her murder and subsequent I'll- fate of Wilcox, Nell's sister and her boyfriend?? They were the four present the night of her disappearance according to the Dead Files.

house number

Jodi, the actual house number is 1109 Riverside. Nell disappeared 11-20-1901 her body found 12-27-1901. Wilcox died 12-3-1934 (suicide by shotgun), Nell's sister Ollie died in 1944 (a recluse), Ollie's boyfriend Roy died in 1908 (suicide by gun), Nell's brother Will died 1913 (suicide by poison), her father died 1938. Both her father and Jim Wilcox are buried in Old Hollywood Cemetery, Elizabeth City,NC Nell herself is buried in New Utrecht Cemetery, Brooklyn,NY

contract info

How could you get in contract with the people that live there about getting into the house and doing a ghost hunt?

Love ECity

Oh wow I used to live around the corner from that house!! I saw this story on the travel channel when I moved away in July 2012 . Beautiful area I miss NC .

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