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Camp Lejeunes ghosts

The marine training facility of Camp Lejeune is one of the most famous and important military installations in the world. Located on more that 150 thousand acres in Onslow County Camp Lejeune trains some of the best soldiers on the planet. Though it seems that sometimes The Marines can't prepare them for everything...

On a November night in 1977 a group of soldiers were involved in maneuvers at a place called campsite 12. a recon team was sent out to scout ahead. They had gone about half a mile when they spotted what they thought were troops in the dark. taking positions in the woods they waited to ambush the opposing troops.

Not long after they her movement again and this time heard voices. Radioing back to camp the team was instructed to gather as much evidence as possible and report back. The men got as close as they dare to the noise when the saw something that stopped them cold.

They did see troops in the dark, but not those of that age. They were looking right at Union soldiers building a Civil War campsite. The smoke from the food could be smelled and a few times, the Union soldiers came within inches of the stunned marines.

After about an hour, the ghosts packed up camp and disappeared into the night. The marines radioed back that all was clear and were soon joined by the rest of their men. Of course, none of the men who saw that night ever told their fellow troops. After all, who would believe them.

As it turns out, they may have seen the ghosts of events 115 years in the past. in 1862 over 200 Union soldiers camped in and around the Onslow county area near the farm of Thomas Gillott.


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I've deleted all comments to this story as none of them referred to the story itself but rather the difference between 'soldiers' and "M"arines. If comments are to continue on this story, please keep them on topic.


Ghosts at Camp Lejeune

Actually one or several of the Marines involved in this did talk to someone. I was stationed at Lejeune during this time frame (1975 - 1979) wit AT ToW Co, 2nd Tank Bn.

There were "rumors" of this event that nobody could put their finger on, as to what unit this was and where the event occurred. But it was known pretty much all over the base.

I would see them also

I lived out by New River Air Base in Jacksonville. My house backed up to woods, and sometimes, when a good storm was coming in, I could see what looked like men running from tree to tree. If you looked too hard they would be gone, but I know I saw them out there on more then one occasion. They never bothered us, I think they where just like a video recorder that would play over and over again.

There are better stories on this base

I am currently a Marine at Lejeune, and have spent the majority of my career on this base. Out of 18 years, 12 of them have been here. I am an infantryman and have spent time in almost every training area and range on this base. I have to say I have seen strange things, but nothing I would relate to hauntings or spirits. Please understand that I do believe in the paranormal, but I want to be as open minded as possible when dealing with anything classified as being paranormal. Basically, the only thing I have ever encountered in the TA's are wild animals, mainly small game or snakes. I have had two occasions where is was a small black bear. Occasionally you'll see strange lights, but you have to take into account that the population of Marines training on the base is fairly extensive at any given time. I have heard stories of haunted places on CLNC mainside. I would recommend anyone interested look into some of the more historic buildings on the base. The old Naval Hospital is the first that pops into mind, located at hospital point. Also heard stories of some of the older squad bay style buildings being haunted. If anyone is really interested I would ask about stories Marines have brought back from Iraq and Afgahnistan. There is also at least one story of a haunted barracks aboard the base. Unrelated, there is a classic ghost story from Parris Island that almost every Marine that has served on the island knows, about a drill instructor that marched his Marines into the inlet behind the rifle range.

CLNC is Haunted

I worked on both Lejeune and New River for four years as a civilian. After the numerous experiences I had WITH other Marines and civilians, I can assure you that the area is haunted. I have encountered ghosts or spirits at the Officers Club (aptly nicknamed Papi-he likes to hang out in the bar), the armories (the woods by a few of the armories-whatever is there is pretty evil, and seems to like to stay close to the barracks), the Golf Course area (guess what was found there? Yes, graves.). New River and Camp Johnson have some pretty scary ghosts or spirits. An old man that hangs out by Alligator Bridge that is very resentful-go out there late at night, and you'll hear a wierd bird screaming. Then, wait. Many, many dead Marines that gather in the woods where Camp Devil Dog is. And, something very old, very sinister (and possibly demonic) that hangs out in the MOUT at Camp Devil Dog with a young boy. There are a group of ghosts or spirits in TT 2, and they hang out in the woods by the rec area near the water. They're there, they exist.

You're right, whatever is in

You're right, whatever is in the woods at the MOUT area isnt to be fucked with. One of our instructors was big into things like that & claimed it is a banshee. I just know its something evil i want no part of...

Camp Devil Dog is haunted

I just graduated from MCT just a few days ago, and I can't say I saw anything at DD myself, but I can say I've heard some creepy stories about that place. One of my instructors told me there was a schoolhouse that burned down in the early 20th century, and there's a young girl named Molly that haunts the woods near the gate at Devil dog. Also the MOUT town there, which is right by the gate, has the spirit of a young boy that likes to stand over Marines while they sleep. And during BSRE (a 3 day operation/evaluation in the field) sometimes Marines will spend the night in their fighting holes and there has been sightings of a guy in a white robe wandering near the swamp out there, and usually after these sightings, marines will hear loud screaming in the woods.

Camp Lejeune is full Hauntings from Toxic Drinking Water Deaths

I grew up a USMC brat. This was my home town. The base had toxic drinking water for over 35 years. You can check for yourself. So many deaths due to this water killed hundreds of babies, young children and wives and husbands. The souls of all still remain they know the sins of man. All U.S. Marine's at this base for 30 days or more need to look into this 1953-1987 years of toxic water.This is no joke please do not delete this.

banshee on devil dog

I went through mct in late September, into October of 2003. During the night land\nav course we suddenly heard others screaming, & i mean death screams, screaming for their life. I didn't actually see it but the fear in their eyes didnt lie, they definitely saw something. After we got out of the woods they said they were kind of lured by what looked like a young boy, & was then grabbed by a "floating" woman screaming. Later one of the instructors said they had sit in their truck at night & could see a banshee roaming the forest. Then a few few weeks later me & my buddy had camp guard on camp Johnson, & kept hearing something in the woods behind the armory. We stood there flashing our lights trying to see what it was & something rushed us. You couldn't see it, but could feel it coming at you & it took our breath when it like passed through us. No idea what either were but i saw it myself, there is paranormal activity in that area.


I heard a young Marine in MCT shot himself behind that same armory at Camp Devil Dog while on "guard" with live rounds. And that was back when I went through myself in 2006. Later I was stationed at New River as an MP. Saw some creepy shit back in those woods at night. Oh yea, the Officers Club is most definitily haunted. Responded to the motion alarms going off myself one night. All the bar chairs were stowed on the bar for the night except one. The one that was set down as if someone were sitting there. Also on the bar infront of the chair was a single shot glass. The lady that we had on recall came out and verifid nothing was stolen and said dont worry about the Capt. i said whi? She said the Capt. She said he like to drink and hes not a bad ghost. More stories about the O club involve the pool back there. The whole base creeps me out at night. Another time I was patroling the road behind the flight line at like 03:30 in the morning and I saw a noshit evil looking creature resembling a hog/wolf. The thing rain from the ditch as i drove by and i caught it in my head lights. The thing b-line straight for the woodline all while its head staired straight back at me. Its eyes reflected yellow and looked backwards at me while it ran away. I told my Sergeant after shift and he was not surprised at all. He called it man bear pig, happily playing it off but hes seen it before also. So many creepy as stories from my time in the Marines.

Banshee DD

I went through the same time and I remember one of the Marines in a fighting hole was scared shitless thinking he saw a "dinosaur" in the woods.

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