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The Legend of Devils Cave

Near the community of Richmond Hill in Yadkin County is a dirt road at the end of which lies an old quarry long since abandoned. Young people in the area use the quarry as a place to swim or party, either unaware or unafraid of what lies on the other side of the mound of rock. Talk to some of the old people in the community and they'll tell you that the cave on the backside of the quarry is home to none other than the Devil himself.

The legend of Devils cave started with the Native Americans who believed that an all powerful spirit dwelled within it. This spread to the settlers where the myth continued to grow. For years eerie sounds and what sounded like groan could be heard from deep within the cave.

Then, in the early part of the last century, four boys decided to investigate the cave to see if the stories were true. Armed with a couple of lanterns, a slingshot and a baseball bat the made their way to the cave. As they got closer, the sounds of the woods ceased. Birds stopped chirping, the water from the Yadkin river was silent as it flowed by.

The air within the cave was cool and smelled of decay. One boy said aloud "What is that smell?". From deep within the cave came the sound "What is that smell?" The boys were shocked and were about to run from the cave screaming when they realized it was an echo. Relieved, the boys began you shout into the cave. This lasted a few minutes until one of the boys shouted "Come on out here Devil! You're no match for all of us." And there was no echo.

The boys stood frozen in terror. One whispered, "You shouldn't have said that." From the bowels of the cave came the raspy echo "You shouldn't have said that". It was at that time that the boys heard a sound coming up from deep below. They would later describe the sound more like hoof steps than footsteps. They didn't stay around long enough to find out. They dropped the lanterns, bat and slingshot they brought with them and ran as fast as they could go back home. Legend has it that the next day one of the boy's hair had turned white from the experience.

As years go by stories told by elders get lost or become myths. But some, like this one, linger on. The young people who party and swim near the cave may no nothing about it or they may not believe the stories. But no one has ever gone back in to challenge the Devil or to retrieve the lanterns or weapons either. And my guess is no one ever will.


Can Anyone Tell Me The

Can Anyone Tell Me The Address Of This Place.....I Know Where Yadkin County Is But I Dont Know Where To Go Once I Get There?

Richmondhill Cave

The road to where the caves are supposed to be is the first right past crissman Road if you are coming from Richmond Hill Church. I grew up near there and my grandfather had a farm that joined the Limerock which is where the cave was supposed to be. I think it was destroyed when the rock was quarried several years ago. My grandmother told me about the cave and I have been there many times either fishing or hunting Indian artifacts. There are many rock shelters in that area as we have dug in before it became illegal to dig. It is a nice area but I do not believe you will find any caves there now.


I tried to find this place the other night with two friends, we drove all over richmond hill trying to locate it...anyone have an idea? the locals sure didn't...

Devils Cave - Yadkin County NC

I think the area in question is off of "Limerock Road" in the Richmond Hill Community. I have been there as a teenager, but I had never heard about this legend. Its interesting, and I think I will return one day to explore it.


me an my bro are amatuer ghost hunters an we are lookin for devils cave near richmond hill....... we cant find it none of the locals no where it is at so please help us an give us an idea where it is at..... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


Me an my bro are amatuer ghost hunters.... an we lookin for Devils Cave near Richmond Hill NC.... if u have any info on how to get there please let us know asap...

omg!!! that is sooooo close

omg!!! that is sooooo close to my house! i've been campin down there soo many times!! i've never heard of anybody around say anything bout this, and i've lived there all my life!!

Devil's cave at the limerock.

The cave has collapsed. There is nothing to this legend. I have been farming here all my life and there is nothing to this story. It was told to keep kids from goin in there and getting hurt. It is located at the limerock quarry and you ca no longer get in the quarry anyway. It has been fenced off and gates put up. I can still get there because my land joins this land and there are horse trials and ATV trails that go all around the outer rim and right down into the quarry, even right by what used to be the cave. Nothing to see.

This story

I did the research for this story, and it was taken for use by Barry McGee and Linda Duck Tannenbaum in their book. I still included it in my first book, Roadside Revenants. Why do I not see that credit here?
That said, I don't mind much. The book is 11 years old now. The cave was on the river side of the hill that was the Limerock Quarry. It appears that it caved in or was dug out years ago. Limerock Rd. has 2 ends, one at te church, one nearby. If you go down te other, you pass the Law School Rd. on your left, and Crissman Rd. on your right. You go on down the hill, and i's unmarked on the right. Highly dangerous, and posted, I believe, now. Those who live in the area, my grandparents, John and Viola Lineberry lived nearby. I can be reached at, or on Facebook at Camel City Spirit Seekers...

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