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Devil's Tramping Ground

Like most people who live in and around Chatham County (Or for that matter, North Carolina), I know the legend of the Devils Tramping Ground very well. Hell, I've even been to the site more than once; but never by myself and never at night. I will say without hesitating that it is one of the creepiest places haunted in North Carolina. Well, maybe haunted isn't the right word. Possessed is more like it. If you don't know what the Devils Tramping Ground is, allow me to explain.

About 10 miles east of the town of Siler City, on a country road near Harpers Cross Roads is a wooded area. In those woods is a circle, perfectly round, 40 feet in diameter where nothing except a type of grass known as 'wire grass' grows. A path around the circle has no growth at all. It was given the name "Devil's Tramping Ground" because locals believe that the devil himself walks the path going around and around all the while thinking of ways to destroy mankind. In the morning, He turns himself into a crow or other animal and sets out on a mission to carry out whatever devious plan came to him in the night.

Throughout the years scientists have tried to explain away the circle. One theory is that the circle is the result of using horses in a mill many years ago. Another is that the spot was once a sacred place for native americans who used it to perform war dances and such which would explain why the circle is barren. The problem with both of these theories is that similar spots elsewhere are now overgrown with plant life. The NC State Department of Agriculture once took a sample of soil and determined that the area was completely sterile.

Going a step further on the creepy scale is the fact/belief that any object placed on the path surrounding the circle will be moved by morning. I never tried it myself but the residents of Chatham County swear that it's true. I've personally spoken to several people people, both old and young, who claim to have left items on the path only to come back the next day and see the item laying in the brush beside the path.

Whether you believe the area is a fluke of nature, or that the Devil comes every night to plot our destruction one thing you can not argue with is the mystique the place has. Throughout the years tales have been told of people attempting to stay the night at the circle, trying to catch a glimpse of who or what is moving the stuff off of the path. And although many have tried, As far as I know, no one has stayed the entire night. As of this writing we still don't know why the grass doesn't grow, why stuff is moved off of the circle, and why no one can stay an entire night at the grounds.

Below you'll find a few pictures taken of the tramping ground on Oct. 11, 2009. Judging from the smoke coming from the campfire maybe someone was able to stay the entire night. Although we saw no one so maybe the Devil got them? :) I must admit I was disappointed with the logs that filled the circle as well as the trash littering the place. Check out the picture of the tree as well. It looks like a cross to me, maybe someone was trying to rid the area of the devil once and for all?

The area didn't give off a creepy vibe at the time although that could be the fact we were there on a Sunday afternoon at 1pm. But it is still the tramping ground, if you get a chance, you've gotta see for yourself.


My uncle

My uncle used to tell me about this place ALL the time. He said once he tried to stay the night but saw the shadow on something like a human, but with horns! He said it was the devil himself. I'm not saying it was the devil, but he believed it was until the day he died.

Story of the tramping ground

I really love the story of the tramping ground and your story tells the exact same story I have heard for years and years. I am the founder of a paranormal investigation team, East Koast Paranormal, and we have been asked many times to do the Devil's Tramping Ground. Although, we have not been able to to set a time and date to make this possible, I wanted to share a story that I have heard from this place.
I have read somewhere on the internet (I can't remember the website), that some people where able to stay the entire night at the tramping ground and they set up camp around the circle. It was stated that when they awoke the next morning and exited their tents, they were not where they feel asleep. It was said that they were a 1/2 mile to a mile away from their campsite. Is there any truth around this, I'm not sure, but I figured I would let you know the story I came across.

tramping ground

yep , the same story I read on this website called tumblr, it was a group of kids and their couch I think it was this Boy Scouts and they decided to sleep there, everyone fell asleep except for two kids they tried staying up all night but they couldn't because they said that they heard music whispered into their ears and they somehow fell asleep, the next day they woke 1/2 a mile away from the tramping ground

My night at the Tramping Grounds

I'm a Chatham County local, and one who loves the paranormal at that. One day my friend Colin and I decided to go and try to stay the night at the tramping grounds. We got there around midnight, and we walked around the circle a few times, and found nothing really creepy about the place when it comes to it just being a circular path in the woods. However while I was there I got a sinking feeling that if we were to stay the night something terrible would happen. Before we left, we decided to walk once more around the trail, and see if we noticed anything out of place. About 1/2 of the way around the circle, the path in front of us seemed to have literally disappeared. We could not move forward because there was no longer a visible trail. We decided to turn back and go back the way we came. We got to a spot where we could see the night sky clearly, and in the light of the moon, I swear I saw a silhouette of a man with horns facing me, and I suddenly got the sinking feeling that I should leave immediately. I bolted for the car, and I haven't been back since.


I'm one of the guys with the Lakeview Phantoms Paranormal Investigators and we would like to investigate the stomping grounds but we need directions could you email me some directions at


i would love to have some directions so i can check it out and maybe stay the night :)


Why would u stay the night somewhere called the devils tramping ground, if I were u, I wouldn't go anywhere near that place, it sounds so creepy!


Great pun right there

Maybe not...

Sure, lets go to this super freaky supernatural campground where the devil tramps around plotting our doom. Friends, we literally have 11 seasons of Supernatural explaining why you don't do this.

Why not?

well if we get in some sorta trouble then we know what to do, thanks to Sam and Dan *^.^*


my name is destiny madden i would really love if you could give me the directions to this place! Ive tried everything i could and still couldn't find them! i would really appreciate it if i could have them ! thanks
look me up on facebook
Destiny Madden

devils campground

do you have to reserve a spot to stay or just show up and pitch a tenth? is there a cost to stay? how do I find this place? please help. Thank you Angel Thompson 216-408-6391

devils campground

do you have to reserve a spot to stay or just show up and pitch a tenth? is there a cost to stay? how do I find this place? please help. Thank you Angel Thompson 216-408-6391

I would love the directions

I would love the directions or possibly a guide just to get me there..would be willing to pay a bit..just planning an overnight with my fiance to prove to her that ghost don't exist

devils tramping ground

We have tried staying the night on 7/17/2014 and we where not able to as the night went on we took several pictures as in each picture more and more stuff appeared as the night came to a close are freind pased on in the circle as we got him to his feet are other freind the weights around (350) poundshe rose above the ground 4 feet in to the are as we grabed him me my self was knocked down as my freind screamed in pain he had the word HELL was scatched in to hes back as I felt a burning sensation on my legs we are planing on retuning to try and stay the night again the address for this place is (1100 devils tramping ground rd) u will go down the road about half a mile and it will be on the right please return a email to me at thank tou call at 336 415 4605 for more detals this is for paranormal investigators only


No full stops? Not even one!? WOW!

devils tramping ground

We have tried staying the night on 7/17/2014 and we where not able to as the night went on we took several pictures as in each picture more and more stuff appeared as the night came to a close are freind pased on in the circle as we got him to his feet are other freind the weights around (350) poundshe rose above the ground 4 feet in to the are as we grabed him me my self was knocked down as my freind screamed in pain he had the word HELL was scatched in to hes back as I felt a burning sensation on my legs we are planing on retuning to try and stay the night again the address for this place is (1100 devils tramping ground rd) u will go down the road about half a mile and it will be on the right please return a email to me at thank tou call at 336 415 4605 for more detals this is for paranormal investigators only

spend the night there

me and a few friends use to go there and bring marshmallows and start a campfire. There was a nice tree trunk there. Also some logs to sit on. We use to party there a bit but we cleaned up after ourselves. Once the police road by there and put a bright light to shine on us and we just held up our sticks with marshmallows. We sometimes brought food and our music. I saw dead animals on the small ditch which was terrible, deer mostly and it was nice. It felt a bit spooky but we were hard to spook. Enjoyed going but now Im older and wondered what crazy things I did. I believe we as a group of us were haunted b/c things happened to us. During the day someone said lets go there early and they said their was a house way back in the woods. Never walk those areas in the dark b/c you could get hurt or tangled up in briers. However we found our way back before dusk and if you hear cars you know you are near the circle to find your way back. Never found the old house. Some lady lived back up in there and said she died and left the property to someone who we did not know who owned it. I did however on our daily walk see where a house had been and an old chimney/fireplace.

How can one get permission to camp at Devil's Tramping Ground?


I am a member of the Carolina Campers. We would like to camp sometime as a group at Devil's Tramping Ground. (I have wanted to since a kid.) I understand that the property belongs to Bob Dowd (and his family). Does anybody know his contact information (phone number, address, email) so that we can contact him? Also, does anybody know if he would let us camp there? (We would volunteer to pick up a lot of trash.)


Walter F. Daniel, Jr.
1927 Kilborne Drive
Charlotte, N.C. 28205

devils campground

permission to camp at devils circle for two night in September. 216 408 6391 my cell, please text I am at work. I live on Holden beach, I have family from Ohio to go camp there specifically. how much a night? does anyone know how to contact owner of land to get permission? Best way to contact me is through text. thank you

This Place.

The devil's tramping ground is a joke. My best friends and I went there and stayed the whole night. The only creepy thing is that you're in the woods in the middle of no where. Other then that there's no satanic ritual or freak of nature all up in there. It's a myth. But it's fun, so if you have the gas, and the beer... Go for it.

The Cross on the Tree...

... is upside-down, indicating mockery in the face of God. Probably just some kids thinking they could summon the Devil or some such crap.


The inverted cross, though frequently identified as a mockery, is a common symbol of humility. It is frequently linked to St. Peter, the apostle. It is said that felt himself unfit to be crucified in the manner of Christ, and so insisted that the cross on which he would be placed to die would be inverted.

Visiting the devil's tramping ground

I was wanting to pay a visit to the devil's tramping ground. Could anyone tell me if i need permission to stop and check it out or is that just for people who want to camp? Could I also get some more specific directions like an address maybe? Hopefully someone can answer these questions. Thanks. My contact info is as follows:
Heather Fox
615 Fox Valley Ct.
Taylorsville, NC 28681


No to my knowledge you do not need permission, just respect the area as its fallen victim to littering over the years ...

Party Spot

I've gone been here many times in the seventies. We would stop here and party. I never saw anything paranormal here.


Yeah man I grew up bear creek bennett area iv been ther had stuff moved from circle we had a fire going and rocks arond the fire in the center of yhe circle so we crashed that night and woke the next morning and the rocks where 25 to 30 feet frm the fire.....on a seperate vist me and a group of friends was meeting and the tramping ground to all go to a party I was ther with another friend and heard foot steps and scratching coming from the circle area..a few more friends showed up and when thier head lights hit the woods we all noticed an unusal creature about mid ways between us and the circle.....couldnt tell you what it was but being from that area I can safly say to this day I have yet to see anything else like tha

Devils Tramping ground

I spent the night there in 1975. 10 of us in tents and our cars parked in the circle. We woke up in the same place and our cars were still in the circle.


hmmm... but that's cars and there's so many of u so..........

devil and cars

Of course he does its just he has his flavor probably a prius lover.

Supernatural strikes again

Betcha he DOESN'T like 167 Chevy Impala blaring Highway To Hell while Dean and Sam are gettin ready to hunt.

Leslie Bennett

I have lived in NC for years and have heard about this story. Ive always wanted to go and visit. If anyone could give me directions please email me at I promise to be very respectful of the property. It would be amazing to be able to see it for myself. Thank you


I just found this for you...........From Siler City, take State Road 1106 South for ten miles. At Harpers Crossroads turn right onto State Road 1100. Approximately two miles down this road, you will see a gravel parking area on the left and a little further back the Devil’s Tramping Ground. If in doubt ask any local resident…most likely they can point you right to it.

I hope it helps


Thanks to my curiosity, google maps and these directions I did locate a clearing off of state roade 1100 back from a gravel patch on the side of the road that looks like it might be the place. GPS coordinates would be 35.584795-79.486682. Happy hunting and I hope to see an account of your night's stay soon. Go tomorrow, it's Halloween, what a great time to try it out.

what is this place? 10/31/2011

hey guys, i was there earlier today. i found some campers tried to stay from hallows eve to Halloween but left in a hurry during the night and left their partially burnt tent.

when i stepped in to the circle i immediately felt intense physical pain and discomfort. my body also started shaking. i have an highly developed gift of discernment, which i use to find and exorcise demons. basically i feel spiritual things near by. actually, i found the grounds by feeling it while driving in my car. other ppl who go may feel these things as well. the woman above mentioned she felt fear. that's another one. some ppl feel depression, discomfort, strange pains, fatigue, demonic nightmares, or negative thoughts/impressions. ppl who are oppressed or possessed will have a number of the symptoms. you can see similar things in the bible when ppl encounter angles. they're filled with fear, trembling, etc.

(if you exude these symptoms. you're probably just oppressed and it wont have enough authority to manifest through you. find some Christians to pray over you and renounce the sins that its exploiting. these sins give it authority to stay. command it not to not manifest and leave. if it's stubborn "pray and fast". ask the Lord to come and pull it out of you.)

I've seen silhouettes of men made of shadows and glowing eyes from the direction I've felt things, herd audible voices, and been psychically attacked. similar things with the angels and God.

what is this place? there are portals or gateways between heaven and earth. that's how angels get here. there are also demonic portals from hell to earth. so thus, where ever there's a portal there's more activity. the devils tramping ground is the larges demonic portal in the country. that's why it's a circle. that's why things are removed that cover it. it's like a highway exit to earth.

don't get your Christian friends together and pray against it. you'll just piss them off. don't "put the Lord to the test" to save you. If the Lord wants to use you against it, He will let you know.

don't mess with this place, you will regret it.


I'm pretty shure if you have your tent close to a fire it will burn as far as scraps and cuts your in the woods
Where twigs and thorns are abundant instead of god seek therapy and Neosporin

Good Note and Advisory

The proclaimed portals is interesting. I've never visited the site myself, but I have seen possibly different variants of ghost's. I agree with your statement.

October 2011 trip

Did a story on my blog about it. It was a quick stop, but I do have pics to go along with the story. The tent is likely the one mentioned in the reply earlier...

similar circles

Funny as it may sound, there are a few similar cirles around the world. In the Netherlands there's one near an old crossroads in Fryslân and in Germany somewhere in Schwarzwald. There's even one supposed to be in current Indonesia, near an old road from the days when Jakarta was still Batavia.

There are a few other explanations other than it beng a devil's place. The one in Fryslân is tied up with white women (kind of ghost), the one in Germany is the work of gnomes which take elements from that soil to make some rings or the other and the Indonesian one is the most gruesome: the grave of a Banaspati.

I agree

They call them fea circles it's not the " devil" it's earth spirits or what people call faerie these are harmless trouble makers that move things around they are peaceful when praised but scary as fuck when provoked Christians for years converted theses holly sites into " scary sites" like instead of faerie circles "prayer" circles winter solstice became Christmas now a harmless place of worship is the devils tramping ground

Devils tramping ground

My grandfather took me and my dad to the circle when i was a boy. He told us an interesting story about an encounter he and others had at the circle. My grandfather and a group from the church he attended in rockingham,NC decided to have a pinic at the site and stay late. The pinoc went without incident, so everyone was enjoying the event. This all changed when a scream, much like a womans came from the south. Everyone looked nervous, but it was jokingly desmissed by some. Latter, another scream came from the east and then a scream from the north. Needless to say, all brave hearts fearfully began making thier way to the cars. MY grandfather said the last scream came from an adjacent pine tree. A small creature dropped from the tree and began dancing across a blazing 12' foot log, stomping the fire out as it made its way across the log. My grandfather Then made a quick exit for his car. My grandfather Was always honest . He could nevsr explain what he and others heard and saw.

Devil's Tramping Ground

I am a paranormal investigator, and my team and I have investigated the Devil's Tramping Ground on several occasions. We have never gathered any evidence to support the reports of a haunting. The last time we went, there were dead and mutilated animals in the area, leading me to believe that people are using the area for cult rituals or something along those lines. If you go at night, the shadows may play tricks on your eyes, but there is nothing there to support any of the claims people have made over the years about Devil's Tramping Ground.


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