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The Gray Man of Pawleys Island

The gray man of Pawleys Island in South Carolina has walked the coastline for nearly 200 years. And much like the Gray man of Hatteras, his presence spells impending danger for the small island and the people who dwell there. It seems that while he is responsible for saving lives, he was unable to save his own...

There are several stories about the origin of the Gray Man, this is just one.

In 1822 a young woman was staying on the island with her family when she received word her fiancée was going to join her on the island after going to see his family. Delighted with the news, she had the servants prepare all his favorite dishes and decorate the house in anticipation for his arrival. When the time came for him to arrive, no one showed. For hours she waited for her love, only to be visited by the fiancées servant with tragic news.

As they were traveling down the road, her fiancée was in great spirits and challenged his servant to a race on their horses. They raced down the strand and when he saw a shortcut through a marsh, he decided to take it. Fate stepped in and caused his horse to stumbled, throwing it's rider off. When he tried to stand, he found himself sinking in quicksand. Despite his best efforts, he nor his companion were able to free him and the girls husband-to-be sank beneath the sand.

The news nearly drove the girl mad. She spent hours walking along the Pawleys Island strand. One afternoon she was out walking when she saw a man looking out over the water. As she got closer she felt her stomach tighten. She couldn't believe her eyes. When she got mere feet from the man, she was sure it was her love. Suddenly, a wave burst from the sea, enveloping him. When it had gone, so had he.

She told her family of what she had seen. They, of course, thought that losing her fiancée was starting to take her mind. That night, she had a horrific dream of being in a small boat in the ocean tossed by the waves. wreckage all around her. All the while, her lover stood on a dune, trying to wave her to him. When she awoke she was terrified. So her father took her and the rest of the family to Charleston to see a doctor.

That was fortunate. Within hours of their leaving, a hurricane struck the coast. When it was over, almost all the inhabitants of the North Inlet had died. Realizing that her love had returned to save her from a horrible fate, the girl returned to her normal self.

People still claim they see the Gray Man. In 1954 a grandmother on vacation with her family saw a man dressed completely in gray fade to a blur before fading away. The next day tornadoes ripped through the area. One person tried to chase the Gray Man only to have him disappear in front of their eyes.

So in you are on Pawleys Island in late September or October, keep an eye turned to the beach. And if you do see the Gray Man, heed his warning. and take shelter.


gray man

this man was seen on the eve of 1989 with a black lab sniffing the sand really heavy like. it seemed that not one person tuned in to the news or did not care to leave unsure here but needless to say hurricaine hugo destroyed the coast line of Charleston and a few of the older families of Pawleys Island and Isle of Palms see him and leave they do not stick around to see what happens. usually if they see just him there is a small storm brewing but if they see the dog they run

grey man of south carolina

I have heard stories of this some say it is really true I never seen him but yet I wll not go where there is a hurricane threat

grey man of south carolina

i like the story about the grey man and also alice flagg. i wish they would make a movie about the grey man.

its was his sprit

the gray men is so reall but hes need to the tohere said asap
not there more u need to be there an fine out ur self and feel all th stuff.


I'm sorry, What?
Once more in English plz

Gray Man

Yes, I watched the film on
Alice Flagg the other day too! I really thought it was a great film...... They really do need to make one The Gray Man also, I have never heard about him til today.... my mother seen it on the news or some program in WV and she asked me if I heard about him? I said no! That's a shame cause I have lived here in SC for about 20 years....

Gray Man of Pawleys Island

I have been enjoying Ghost Stories of South Carolina on PBS and decided to find some info to post on FB. I like to tell about my home state to friends from other places.

Quick sand question

It more than likely was not quick said but that thick nasty marsh mud and that will completely sink you.


made up, their science is wrong.

answer to your question

It is true you can sink in quicksand. If you stay still in the quicksand you die a slow tragic death. If you move around trying to escape you will die a quick tragic death.


Yes it can suck you in, it is like jumping into harvested oats, you sink in, the more you struggle, the quicker you are pulled down, been in both, survived both thanks to cousins who thought quick and threw a rope to me, the oats my cousin was under, grabbed him and pulled us both to life as it were, the quicksand you cannot even tell til you are in it and Bam can die. Scary as All get out.

No it can't

No this is a myth about quicksand as well as this story. People need to do their research and learn a bit of science before telling tales.

Quick Aand

Yes, mama it can..... it real thick and watery you sink real quick.

My Grandfather

Nomater how bazaar this sounds my grandfather saw him right before Hurricane Hugo. We own a beach house at Pawlys Island. I am really there now.

grey man

can some take a picture of this greyman

The Greyman

He is a not think a photograph would actually capture him. I saw this story on The Weather Channel last night. Was very interesting.

Weather channel.

Also did I and no am reading up about it its so interesting. Has anyone seen him within the last year's.. When was the last hurricane. Or tornado.


You can capture a ghost , even on a simple camera phone. Ghosts can appear like fog or glowing orbs. You can also tell if there are spirits around if your phone battery dies very quickly , if there is a very sudden temperature change , or random chill bumps appear on your body .

Science people!!!

If you can see even an outline of anything it has to be made of matter which can be photographed. So annoying reading these post when people can't understand even basic science.

Gary man

I've seen him twice but in Toronto? On an overnight trip.. It was the last night .. First time I was walking outside in the dark and he was standing by the tree and he put his hand on my shoulder.. I was terrified and ran to my cabin..when I was getting ready for bed with my room mates one of my room mates went to take a drink from the fountain.. She ran back to the room.. Now to me I thought the teacher was coming so i ran in the room ( I was in grade5 at this time) wen I was in the room i asked her wats wrong She didn't want to tell me but then she told me in the end... When I went I went to the fountain she did went to take a drink. Wen I was drinking I saw him standing outside. Standing really close to the glass I ran in the room and told them i seen him. I told my friend that saw it to not be afraid. He's not gonna do nothing. I was scared know didn't know why to tell her. My other friend who knew a lot about ghosts and stuff told us about him and I was confused." If he's seen by the seas then why is he in the woods area..? " i told my teacher the next morning and she didn't believe me. After awhile my friend that seen it told me that she never saw anything and said it was imagination.. I was like WHAT U JuST SAW A GHOST AnD THATS wAT U SAY??!! Ever since that day I've been seeing other things like a little girl and some lady .. Idk what to do help me plz

Gray Man

Hey! I'm just trying to help you guys! Don't be afraid.


I'm currently researching the story of The Gray Man for a book I'm writing. I'll ve visiting the coast in September looking for first hand information.
You can contact me at Author Ginny Brock on Face Book.

Gray Man spotted @ folly today

The gray man was spotted on a sail boat in the inlet between Morris island and folly beach. A tourist on a charter saw the gray man on the sail boat and took a picture of it on their cell phone. The picture is legit. You can tell that it is a picture from a cell phone using zoom in feature. This is the first reported sighting since Hugo so it gives me the chills.

The Gray Man is Real

Stephanie obviously lives under a rock. There are many versions of this story told that have nothing to do with quicksand. There have been photos taken of the gray man. There is something called, "GOOGLE." Check it out some time. He is real and he does surface to warn of a major storm.

Gray Man

I did a persuasive speech on him, for my Public Speaking Class. My professor had never heard the story, and loved it!

The Gray Man

Someone asked me today if I had seen the Gray Man, because it's Friday, October 7th, and hurricane Mathew is barreling up the coast. I said I hadn't seen him, but thought I would go look. So, I went to the north end of Pawleys where he's normally seen. Someone there told me he had just left to attend the NAAGP meeting. I asked what that was, and where I could find it. The guy said it was the National Organization for the Advancement of Gray People. So I took off, and made it to the meeting. Some other guy tells me the Gray Man just left to go to his office. It turns out the Gray Man owns a company that sponsors a web site- So, I again got the address, and took off. I get to the meeting, and finally, I see the Gray Man. I asked him why he want on the beach, letting folks know about Hurricane Mathew. The Gray Man responds, "I've been out working in hurricane weather for almost 200 years. I'm tired of being treated poorly just because I'm different than others. So, I've hired a lawyer, and I'm going to sue for discrimination." I responded, "What do you mean you're going to sue. Who are you going to sue for discrimination? The ghost's Union. "7The Ghost's Union," he replied, "I'm not gonna take it anymore. They can't mistreat me just because I'm gray, and all the other ghosts are white." Then, it all made sense. Last I heard, the Gray Man was taking it easy. He qualified for disability, and he lawsuit was a success.


I'm praying for anyone who might still be on the island during this terrible hurricane! I am just curious to know if anyone saw the Gray Man before the storm got close. Has anybody heard of any sightings???

Grey man

I wonder if anyone saw him with matthew on the way.

Pawley's Island

I have Stayed on Pawley's Island near these wonderful waters you are speaking about. I believe in this story and it's an honor to have been part of its history. I never knew about the story behind it.
I watched, along with 16 of my other Family members one day, back in 2002,when my Grandma was sadly laid out in the funeral home, as she said "Good-bye" to all of us and to Thank us Happily, Swaying the cross that hung over her head, back in forth, with signs that she was Okay now and to Thank all of us for coming and for doing as she had asked.
There are Indeed Ghosts, and there are Spirits, which as those who are still Loved.


Where can I find drawings/pictures of the young man, Alice Flagg, and the Grey Man?

Gray man

I have witnessed "unexplainable "apperations on two occasions in my 65 years dwelling in this realm and dimension we call life.Unexplainable because of our pitifully limited grasp and comprehension of physics,concept of life either carnal or spiritual. I find the Gray Man facinating and as plausible as any faith based legend.

Grey man

Wheather or not the grey man is real im not sure I live in murrlles inlet and have not has the chance to see him yet . But whos to say he is not an angel from heaven sent to protect us from harm . That is a god wink to me . I think its awesome and would live to see him one day ...

Gray Man on Pauleys Island

I enjoy reading stories or the "accounts of entities like The Grey Man. The thought of life after death is comforting to me.


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