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The Peglegged Ghost of Holman House

Thought to have been built between 1798 and 1810 by then Secretary of State William White, the mansion known now as Holman house located at 209 East Morgan Street in Raleigh, North Carolina was a fine example of architecture of the time. Over the years the house was modified and enlarged to suit the needs of those who lived in the house. One thing was never changed. The back staircase where the ghost of Holman house still makes its nightly walks.

The Ghosts of the Manassas Stone House

Ghost stories and paranormal activities have long been abundant in areas where great suffering and loss of life have occured. For this reason, it's no surprise that of the thousands of ghostly encounters reported in the state of Virgina every year, hundreds are from civil war battlegrounds. This seems to be the case in Manassas, Virginia, where ghosts of fallen Civil war soldiers have chosen to take refuge in what is now known as The Stone House.