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Ghosts of the Pocahontas Parkway

High above the James River, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge was constructed to connect Chesterfield and Henrico counties. Since it's completion in 2002, the local police have been summoned to the toll bridge numerous times for complaints from workers and travelers. But contrary to what you may think, it's not the locals, or even motorists causing the ruckus; it's ghostly spirits!

The Party Ghost of Cool Springs Plantation

It's human nature I guess to be afraid of the things we don't understand. Most people, when confronted with a ghost would quickly turn and go the other direction. Most people would NOT invite a ghost to dinner. Yet, in this story, that is exactly what happened. Every time the owners of Cool Springs Plantation in Camden, South Carolina, had a party they would offer a glass of wine to a most unusual guest.

Buried Alive

We all have fears. Things that, for one reason or another, wake us in the night covered in sweat. For some, it's flying. For others, it's snakes. I personally have a horrid fear of alligators (yes, crocidiles as well). One fear that crosses distance and language boundries is the fear of being buried alive. Today, we take a look at that fear head on in a story from Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Bloody Floorboards of Brookgreen

In the 1800s Brookgreen Plantation was the largest rice plantation of its kind in the Georgetown area. Owned by Josh and Bess Ward it was a very successful business for them mainly because of the overseer Fraser. Fraser was an especially cruel man who delighted in punishing the slaves. He would go so far as to punish the family of a slave who, in his eyes had done wrong. His favorite punishment was to take a slave into the barn, tie him or her down, and whip them. And that is the basis for our story...