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The Screaming woman of Haw Branch

Located about 35 miles south of Richmond in Amelia County, Virginia, Haw Branch Plantation is a beautiful reminder of America's history. Built in 1748 and named for the trees growing along a stream on the property, the house has been associated with families involved in politics on both a local and national level. The downside is that a house with such a history is often the site of many ghostly sightings. Haw Branch is no different. This is the tale of the screams of an unknown woman.

Hanged by a Dream

To the mountain people of western North Carolina, superstitions are as natural as breathing. Whether it's believing that hanging the skull over a murders head will make them tell the truth, or that angels sing on a mountain after a rainstorm. They believe as they do anything else, with all their hearts. This plays heavily into this story where a murderer would've gotten away scot-free if it wasn't for a dream...